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Boost pressure Z16LET

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  • Boost pressure Z16LET

    Does anybody know at what boost pressure (in bar) the Z16LET operates?
    I'm thinking in terms of standard boost and overboost?

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    Try this in PSI and then convert.

    18psi over boost !!!! thats right we didn't believe it at first but checked back with VXL.

    12psi up to about 4500rpm climbing to 15psi at approx 6000rpm

    How do I know, we had a boost gauge on it!!!



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      Alright, was asking this because I want to fit a boost gauge as well and wanted to know if it needed a 1.5 bar or 2 bar gauge.

      Conversion (from Google):

      12 pounds per square inch = 0.827370875 bar
      15 pounds per square inch = 1.03421359 bar
      18 pounds per square inch = 1.24105631 bar


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        Official figures state 1.2bar maximum so that sounds about right.

        BTW, do you know an easy way to fit a boost gauge in meriva? Where did you connect yours (a pic would help)? I can get most other values like ignition advance etc. from OBD but the universal diagnostic programs don't support boost pressure on this engine.. Anyway I think of fitting a gauge later to check boost levels and interval of overboost function with different fuels.

        There seems to be a huge difference in performance with different fuels on this car.

        My observations so far are that with 95 RON the difference in performance with overboost is clearly noticable by running conditions like intake air temperature etc. but with good quality 98 RON the car seems to run on continuous overboost esp. in colder climates.. Purely based on acceleration data by several logging in different WOT situations.


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          @Static: Have you tried any of the ethanol-added fuels? I'm thinking in particular of Statoil's Bio95, which I presume is also availabe in Finland?
          98 octane is pretty hard to find in Denmark, only one gas station out of ten (maybe even less) has it... something with the octane increasing additive and the environment

          EDIT: Just read your post in "The trick to make it go fast..." thread... so... nevermind


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            We have only one ethanol-added fuel so far and that is Neste oil Bio98 which is the leading fuel supplier here and offers the best quality. Basically almost all others buy their fuel from them and only add their own additives, which seems to make the biggest difference.. After all even octane rating is always achieved by an additive. The basic fuel is always the same..


            Works best on my car so far. Especially the torque is pretty impressive.