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What price to pay?

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  • What price to pay?

    I am new to the forum and need a little bit of advice, just had a test drive in a Meriva VXR and loved it!
    Although I live in Leeds we had to go to Rochdale for the test drive as none of the dealers in Leeds had a VXR available. After the test drive the salesman was a little too keen on selling us a car there and then, I explained that it would be well into the new year before we could place an order. I asked him what his best price would be for a straight cash sale and no trade-in, he was very vague and seemed to want me to suggest a price which I was not very comfortable with. There are a few Vauxhall dealers in my area so I would be grateful if someone could give me a rough figure I could aim for as I do intend buying one early in the new year.
    As I said it would be a cash sale with no trade-in.

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    I got a deal for my Mervia with silver paint at an extremely big discount, beating the partners deal at the time. You have to be so careful. The dealer I bought it from said no other dealer could offer the price and it was exclusive to them. However I have since found out that this was not true.

    The dealer in question asked for feed back from me and I informed them I would not be doing business with them again for not really being up front. Fortunately my local dealer, who I had bought a car from earlier understood so no relationship damage done.


    If you want to know more pm me, I'll give you my number and I can discuss further.


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      There are a few Vauxhall dealers on here,have a search and i am sure they will be able to help
      2007 Audi RS4 - sold 2008


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        Hi Tony,

        I bought my Meriva VXR from Nidd Vale at Wetherby nr Leeds, drop me a pm and i'll pass some info on to you. I paid well under the list price. To be honest the best deals on the Meriva are going to be the used ones, there are massive savings to be had over a new one.

        The list price is £16,500 ish and the last time I looked some ex demo's were going for around £12,000 ish.




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          I got brand new one for £13487.00


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            i'm looking 4 one at the moment and there are several ex-demos available for about 12k, cheapest new I've found is 13.5k


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              Originally posted by gwentvillan
              i'm looking 4 one at the moment and there are several ex-demos available for about 12k, cheapest new I've found is 13.5k
              That's probably my old one at Burnham Garage, Slough. Red with roof mount DVD?


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                Supply and demand, dealers (and their sales people) are rewarded for their sales figures on a monthly and quarterly basis so asking for a price sometime in the future is never going to get you a bargain deal. Towards the end of a month or ideally a quarter is the best time as the dealer in question maybe very close to a target sales number that will pay them a fat rebate on all the cars they've sold. Absolutley best time to buy a car is December, end of the year (and likely the financial year for the dealer) and a crap time for car sales generally as everyone is spending money like water for Christmas.