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  • a big favour

    hi all,

    im not a meriva vxr owner but am lookin into a z16let engine conversion into my corsa c and was just wondering if anyone would be so kind as to take some detailed engine bay photos for me?

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    try too but will have to be this weekend. What bits do you want?


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      thatd be great thanks mate,well ive been told that the cambelt side mount from a z18xe on a corsa c will fit straight onto the z16let,so i need a close up photo of that mount please,

      also a pic of the location of the fusebox as the fusebox and all the necessary loom through to the interior on my c is in the top right of the engine bay i need to make sure ive got enough slack on the looms to make it look tidy and reach through if you know what i mean.

      ive also been told that the z18xe gearbox is usable with the engine which'll save me the trouble of finding different driveshafts as i can use the z18xe ones so just after clarifying if ne1 has any knowledge of the z18xe gearbox if it will mate up fine with the z16let,

      any help will be much appreciated


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        I'll get them asap. The fuse box is on the passenger side of the car so guess its same as yours? The gearbox is a m32 so you will need to check this.


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          just wondering if any1 managed to get any photos for me,thanks



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            ooooooooooo, ny fault forgot. DO it asap for you, sorry.


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              Airbox over drivers side engine mount

              Rear gearbox mount

              Engine bay

              Front gearbox mount

              Top gearbox mount


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                thanks alot mate much appreciated


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                  If you contact Jon @ Courtenays he should be able to help as they have fitted a few Clet/Zlet's into Corsa's and should be able to point you in the right direction with regards the loom and stuff like immoblisers and ECU's