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    We had a 1.6 breeze and found apart from one issue, a very well appointed car. I think it handle very well so guess the VXR version will be excellent. I really like the volume of spacce for the kids in the back and although it hasn't got the 7 seats I would really recommend it as a well out together very solid car. Look forward to driving it.

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    Having a sneak peak this Friday, we'll let you know our thought when we get back


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      Do you think there is going to be much of a market for it. Don't get me wrong I think it is a great idea, but I would have thought the Meriva already must have limited appeal and to introduce something so specialist would make it hard for them to justify it.
      I would have thought a Corsa VXR would have been more appropriate.


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        They said there wasn't a market for the Zafira GSi when launched, thats done well.
        Corsa is a way off, will be on the new Corsa D, it was to late in the life line of the Corsa C for it to happen unfortunatly.
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          I thionk its going to be interesting how well it sells. I know a few peopel that have purchased Merivas, and they were 'interested' when I told them about the VXR version thats coming.
          Time will tell as they say!


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            Personly I think it looks great, i'd love my mrs to have one when the kids arrive :wink: