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thinking of getting one in the future/near future

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  • thinking of getting one in the future/near future

    hi everyone, fantastic website this

    i currently drive a Suzuki Ignis Sport 05 reg, is great fun and is very rare

    i understand the meriva is rare too

    hoping to test drive one over the next few weeks when i get time

    seen one company offer a remap taking power to 210bhp and 310nm of torque, any other mods available as of yet?

    also the insurance group of 12 is incredible for such a high performance car, definately a good option for me, im used to recaros and carbon interior trim, which is nice to have that in my next car too

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    Good little car to get. I have one and goes very well. Anyone who has driven it is really please and impressed with it. Who are the company offering the power upgrade?

    Mine has had some interesting results ona recent RR sessions. The second session was to confirm the results from the first. Very impressive.

    Handling is very good for a hider sided vehicle.


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      what have you done to yours then? remapping only?

      celtic tuning


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        I need to talk to a couple of people first but lets just say nothing has been done to the car, its pops 21.5 psi on over boost and climbs to 15.5psi on full throttle. Torque is already at 224lbft, but get this nothing has been done to the car. I will let Peeps know the bhp soon. All we can say is that the rr recorded exact figures expected from an Astra VXR with a full Milltek as would have been expected from the figures from the exhaust manufacturer and Vauxhall.

        Those that did view the session did not actually believe it themselves. Those that drive it understand the figures produced would equate to the performance.


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          so after reading the topics on the forum, you are getting more than the manufacturers figures, from using higher octane fuel

          cant wait to drive one!


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            could be , only running 99 octane. It has been very unusal. Ask they other who attend the RR day,they will remember.