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  • new one joining the clan

    just bought a meriva vxr in star silver.

    was looking for a zafira when I stumbled upon this in my local dealership. currently own a vectra cdti (150) which is great but its not good for kids and my back!!!

    Not as good as my ole vx220 turbo, but hell it has a damn site more practicality and looks nice enough too.

    Just got to get my private reg on retention from the veccy and then collect the new toy.

    Any tips on maximising torque and power from this little baby?? Anyone done any airbox mods, remapping, de-catting (although I dare say dealer wouldnt approve). Want to squueze every last bit from it.........

    Drives great. So i thought sod it, I'll have it. Love the cornering ability from a mini MPV. Fantastic. And for those interested, I paid £11,995 for a 2006 demonstrator with 1700 miles.

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    Welcome to the site.

    I got one as well in Silver. What a quality car. This is a bit of a wolf in sheep's clothing. As you say the handling is very good for an mini MPV. economy excellent and performance, hmmmm as I said a wolf, BHP figures are rather surprising especially when it pulls 21psi on over boost, holding 15 right to the red line.

    It makee me smile every time I drive it.


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      thinking of getting one myself - where did u get it from ?


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        Sounds like a bargian to me
        Nice one........
        Got any photos?
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          welcome to the site... hope you will enjoy the new car


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            will try and get some snaps of it on the forecourt if I get chance.

            tempted to wait until march to collect it. That way I will get a full months tax!!! At 104.50 for 6 mths, it had best be worth it!

            So, anyone got any tuning tips???? :wink:


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              where did u get if from ?Also did they give u a good finance deal ?




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                Originally posted by gwentvillan
                where did u get if from ?Also did they give u a good finance deal ?


                sent u a PM


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                  been looking at all the usual vx tuning centre websites, and I cant find one with any Meriva VXR info on them. Surely the wait cant be for much longer........

                  Dying to mod it, before I have even got it


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                    I have an Apexi cone airfilter on the way from Singapore. Should arrive this week or early next week. This should (as always) give a lot more grunt and also make the blow-off valve louder. Will post pics when installing it...

                    As far is I know, it is not possible to install a non-circulating blow-off valve due to the existing re-circulating one being built in to the turbo compressor housing. It probaby would have been too loud, anyway :?


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                      had a similar problem on the vx220. Kit came with a blank plate that sits inside the exisiting valve, then I simply cut into the pipework close to the plenum chamber and put in a nice shiney Bailey Trumpet valve. Also pointed the trumpet location to the nearside too!

                      Used to scare the crap out of people. Before any comments..... no Im not a chav :wink:

                      Let me know how it goes with the air filter. One of the mods on my list (might just do a K&N replacement and mod the airbox pipework for similar effect). Seems the 1.6 engine is lacking a little bit of grunt.

                      Was also considering getting another exhaust and branching it into a twin as per the Zafira VXR. Cant quite understand why Vauxhall built the meriva with the single pipe to one side. Would of looked better if it were in centre as per the Astra VXR. Anyone done any exhaust twin exits or decatting (maybe replace for a lower cell sports cat?).


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                        Iam also on the scout for mods for my Meriva VXR......


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                          Tell me about it

                          Just looking for a remap is hard work! :wink:


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                            she'll soon be here........ 1 hour to go and counting


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                              I think the VXR Performance Centre have mods available for the Meriva (or it might be the Zaffra? :? )

                              Anyway, give them a call:

                              Tel. 0870 242 4334

                              TMS might also do mods for the Meriva, I can't remember what John has said in the past now. It may have also just been for the Zaffra?! :?

                              Hope that helps...kindaof!