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  • OOOOOPPPPPSSSSS there's a problem

    OOOOPPPPPSSSSSS there’s a problem. Let me set the scene.

    A visit to Courtenay’s back in August last year had me placing my Vectra VXR on the rolling road. Not very surprised to see that the car with only a few thou miles was producing a tad under the published figures for the car, 250bhp, with 264lbft. Anyway happy enough with that knowing as the miles go up the figures will improve until about 10k.

    So returning to Courtenay’s for their open day I had no intentions oon putting the car on the rollers and was happy to watch all the others hoping their pride and joys delivered the power expected.

    There was a Astra VXR with 255, the only mod being an Miltek exhaust and an air filter. The power on this is what you expect from a Miltek on a standard engine. The exhaust adding the quoted 15BHP or so to the standard engine. There was a Astra stage 2 doing an expected 285bhp and several other cars do some nice figures. The

    So at the end of the day everyone want to see what the little Meriva was doing, expecting it to reach a upper range of 170’s BHP. The car had 1800 miles on the clock.

    So on my went, I walked away as I always do and let the run go.

    OOOPPPPSSSS there’s a problem I hear the operator of the road say. Its not doing what we expect. Lets just try it again.

    Off we go again, oh dear nope its still doing the same figure. Look at the torque that’s not right. Right gear , no slipping. Hmmmmm.

    Lets load the machine up as if its having to work a little harder. Well at least its consistant. The same problem, its not doing the original quote figures from Vauxhall.

    Lets put a boost gauge on it.

    Off we go again, crikey no wonder its not doing the quoted figures, look at the boost.

    Off goes Jon Shield very red faced looking at me muttering, Thomas your having a laugh we me, you’ve done something to this car.

    No Jon, Moi, no seriously I’m not.

    Well what I have failed to say that this little wolf in sheep’s clothing was punching, get this

    21psi on over boost, dropping to 12 and rising to 15.5 at full chat. Which equates too:

    204bhp and 307NM (225lbft).
    We have revisited the figure recently and found the figures have risen a bit to 207BHP, same torque but that may be variation on the day or more miles.

    So make of this what you will, 3 cars basically giving expected figures.The fourth just leaving everyone’s mouths open.

    And before anyone tries to shoot me down, I know RR are not the be all and end all, but having a fair amount of experience in the performance car market standard and tuned, this Meriva is a Pocket rocket not the quickest car in the world but certainly will give others a serious run for their money. So when you see one in your mirror you had better have serious volumes of additional power to laugh at it.

    So I will leave you with this final thought. Just think what the Corsa VXR may be like.

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    I am still in shock about the figs from the day... i was there and deff kno it wasn't fixed or rigged.

    For a little people carrier i would be VERY wary of them.... they go and sound like a rocket.

    Sparky your car was the highlight of the day... especially seeing jon's face as he was reading the guages!!

    You have one very mean machine there.


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      Thats wicked, cos the Corsa/Meriva aint as fast as my Astra, and from what you have said the Meriva (and Corsa will be) one of the quickest small cars/hatches available. Therefore, my Astra is quicker than one of the quickest small cars/hatches available!.


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        Been there a few times and never seen Jons face like that.

        Just goes to show that VXL are understimating the figs for this car.

        With mine as the bench mark car you can see the R/R is not giving faulse pub fig's.

        Gusee your still happy Sparks ZLET's see what the others do on other R/r.


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          James, you do make me laugh. I don't always follow your logic but you seem so worried about the Corsa beating the Astra. If you go with the quoted figures from vauxhall, the Corsa will only be 6th (or so) of a second slower on acceleration to 60 and who could ever measure that on the road. And as for top speed who ever really worries about this. Just watch it handling (may be better than Vectra B).

          Not sure I would be going down the pub saying my car is faster than a Meriva , god forbid, I'd rather say it was faster than a ST Focus or Evo, but not a Meriva, just not heard of!!!!


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            He he you know I dont take it seriously - I let the driving do the talking, dont forget I whooped scoobies in my Corsa lol lol


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              that car is the nut you would not expect it till its too late ,what a flying machine, that was so funny to see jons face just a pic to behold.

     For all your tuning needs


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                Fantastic figures there Sparky, and I can just imagine Jons reaction

                Just think how it would go if you did do something to it


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                  Originally posted by AlexFi
                  Fantastic figures there Sparky, and I just imagine imagine Jons reaction

                  Just think how it would go if you did do something to it
                  his face was a piccie, confusion, shock and excitement


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                    Reminds me of kryton from Reddwarf trying to say smeghead


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                      You wait till he does his magic on it. Hope your not offended by mentioning the look Jon it was a true picture, made an old man chuckle But to be honest it was the deadly silence from the on lookers, the shock horror, no way, still makes me laugh, I have to put the dentures back in I laugh so much.

                      I think even some powers to be where surprised, 21 psi na, checked on 2 seperate gauges and different makes.


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                        I'd luv to see what you can do with that little rocket round twisty roads, any chance of a passenger ride at a meet sometime :wink:


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                          No probs, not the quickest car in the world but sounds lovely, does the twisty bits very well, and just keeps the smile going it soooooo funny.


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                            That's what I'm looking for the
                            I loved the sound of it at Luton, sounded like it had a mini milltek on it

                            Can't wait to see it play :wink: Even got me thinking about it, Corsa or Meriva, Meriva or Corsa


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                              wow. thats a bit of a difference. heard of under quoting with figures, but that is something else!

                              Would love to see my new baby do that sort of power! Cant wait now - looks like I will get it 1st March all being well.