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Silicone Hoses

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  • Silicone Hoses

    anyone know where I can get a decent silcone hose kit for the meriva vxr? Just buying bits in the pipeline for when I pick it up next week.

    Not bothered whether they are Samco branded or not. Seems a real struggle to get bits for this car. Please lets hope when the Corsa VXR is launched that the bits start appearing!!

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    have you tried courtney sport barney mate ??? link's at bottom of my signature
    stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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      not emailed them yet. had a quick look on their website, and nothing is on there at minute.


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        Originally posted by barney
        had a look on their website, and nothing is on there at minute.
        I Know how you feel chap........


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          I don't understand why you are looking for a kit specifically for a Meriva Z16LET...? In my experience, specific kits are always more expensive than a littel DIY

          It's just a matter of finding the right diameter and then buying the stainless steel tubes and silicone bends


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            No chance for the hoses yet. Everyone is well behind with the meriva. There is only one remapped version around and that was with the VXRPC.

            The Vectra hasn't even got a kit yet.

            Not even sure it will need them apart from the cosmetic factor.

            When we ran the car on the rollers, the highest inlet air temp that was achieved was 42 degress, and most of the time even after 4 runs one after the other it only reach 35 degress.

            The system on this little rocket is very very efficeint.


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              now there is SFS Performance in Luton who make alot of the silicon hoses for tuners etc, you can drop in and see the guys and i have known them to measure up and make some hoses and its not overly expensive i found either, worth checking out i would say.


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                courtenays got back to me today.

                nothing in at moment, but was made aware to check their latest news on website. They will be having a corsa VXR and so very soon there will be mods galore for us Meriva and Corsa owners (and owners to be )

                Keep checking it out guys :wink: