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Precat on the Meriva

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  • Precat on the Meriva

    I assume there is a precat just after the turbo on the meriva?? Has anyone heard of good gains by replacing this with a straight through pipe??

    Also, is the main cat a Sports version with fewer cells?

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    As far as I know, the whole exhaust manifold + turbine + cat is build (molded) into the same part... so replacing the cat won't be an easy task.

    Not that I'm environmental freak, but is this _really_ necessary?


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      It's to aid heating the catalyst more quickly, thus more enviroment friendly. There's also another good thing, even at very low operating temperatures -10 to -20 celcius the car reaches tickover very quickly.

      Anyway, I've never considered the exhaust to be a problem, of course if you reach for higher horsepower, but with a minivan, come on. Standard car is already mighty fast for a 1.6litre people carrier. A lot of 200bhp range cars have had serious problems against it. The exhaust sounds good even in stock condition.. Maybe for looks you could change the rear parts though. Wouldn't tamper the rest of it as yet until professional tuners take a look at it and decide if it's worthwile..

      Now everybody says the car could handle more power, not entirely sure about that. The rear axle is the weakest link (torsion-beam type suspension), that's why I think they fitted the ESP non switchable. I've maxed out the rear couple of times lifting throttle or braking @ high speeds and the tail will flip quite violently (worse in slippery conditions). The front would also likely benefit from a diff like Quaife. Now the TCS will cut power because inner tyre will lose traction, no matter how neatly you sit it in the bend. This is of course ok and done in a quite civilized manner, but will still make the car slower so defo no need more power there as yet. Only reason is to get a blast on a straight line now and then, no thanks..


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        just wondering.

        I took out the precat on my vx220 turbo and it made it a hell of a lot more responsive. Just thinking it could of been a cheap mod. Obviously if its all moulded in then there is no chance!


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          I think the 1.6 turbo lump is one of the most responsive turbo engines out there if run on good quality fuel. Not much to improve there IMO.

          I've noticed that fuel quality makes a lot of difference in gas response. Even different brand 98 RON are some more sluggish than others, usually cheaper stations are worse although there are a few exceptions. Now running 95 RON for test again and the car is really a lot slower. Otherwise it runs pretty well on shell 95 though. Gas reponse is OK though maybe a bit more of turbo lag esp. when the engine is still cold.

          It's quite an adaptive engine, just have to love it.


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            It woudl be possible to remove the pre-cat physically as it it runns to a 3 bolt flange just in front of the sump, then onto a flexi joint and onto the main cat. After the main cat it joins the main system.

            Lamda is located at the pre-cat and post main cat.

            It will just need to ensure mixture setting remain in parameters.

            The car would handle more power. mine nevers scrabbles for grip even coming hard out of a roundabaout.

            I would think this would however be limited to 25 bhp without starting to mod the suspension. Even then I think a nice set of uprated dampers would really aid the car, trying to balance a already stiff ride. Would not do the springs myself.


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              Originally posted by Sparky
              The car would handle more power. mine nevers scrabbles for grip even coming hard out of a roundabaout.
              Don't know exact power figures on mine, I know it has 310nm even with 95 RON and goes MUCH better with ethanol blended 98 RON. Actually the car doesn't have traction probs with worse performing fuels but once you get to more power territory things gets worse. This is in summer when roads are dry. Especially the torque is pretty damn impressive with ethanol blend. I've managed 5.8secs 60-120km/h in third (-15celcius )

              All in all the climate is colder here and roads are in worse condition. Also driven it on snow & ice quite a lot so I think I have an idea how the chassis performs..

              Anyway, I think around 220-230 bhp is a limit for the chassis.