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Rear Lights - question

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  • Rear Lights - question

    Bloody stupid question this!

    You know the two lights that are seperate from the cluster, just above the bottom section of the rear bumper....

    Well when I put rear fogs on, the drivers side one lights up. Meanwhile the nearside one does nothing. Is it just a reflector, or should it be working???? If someone can have a look at theirs and report back that would be great.

    Thanks guys

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    i think its the same on my astra but on my old corsa only the drivers fog light worked


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      Usually there is only one fog light in the rear, so on the other side it must be a reflector. :wink:


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        Vectra does the same, you probably find the lights are swapped for left hand drive, static can you confirm.


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          strange. would of thought being as there are 2 reverse lamps that they would of done the same with fog lamps.

          Not to worry


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            hello barney

            There is definitely only one working fog light which is on the driver's side. vx are doing this on all the range with the reason being so that the fog lights don't mask brake lights when they are on.

            I took both light clusters off the other day to change my indicator bulbs for some blue tinted ones i got from halfrauds. they still glow orange when lit but for any other arden blue owners out there they go well with the paint.


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              could try this might be the same ??????????????????????????????