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Fuel consumption?

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  • Fuel consumption?

    Can't say that I am impressed with the fuel consumption on my Meriva... :?
    Currently I'm getting 10 km/l (~ 23.5 mpg), weather conditions are average 5 degrees celsius and high humidity. Of course I push the car from time to time, but still, far from the nearly 13 km/l average Opel states.

    What numbers are you guys getting?

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    8.5L/100km ~ 11.8km/L ~ 27.8mpg if I drive with light foot (mixed city / road)

    9.5L/100km ~ 10.5km/L ~ 24.8mpg if I give it right foot occasionally.

    10L/100km ~ 10km/L ~ 23.5 mpg if I give it right foot more than occasionally..

    The engine is running great with no oil consumption at all (for comparison VAG turbos spend 1litre minimum before first service).. When I first got the car I gave it the "piston ring seal" by flooring it as soon as the engine was warm, don't know if it did any good but certainly no harm..


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      So far I've only managed 13km/L driving 80-100km/h with very light foot for a longer distance with AC off.. The AC seems to be a real hog, you can add 1L/100km to the above figures with it on..


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        not really taken any "measurements" as yet. Seems to be ok. Must say it drinks a whole lot more than my Vectra CDTI (obviously)..... but them again this has more fun!

        Plan to let it run "almost" empty soon and fill to the brim. Then I can guage how much has been used over what mileage. Most of mine will be town driving though and not out on the open road.


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          Just did trip to and from Nottingham, did 35mpg pretty good, but all dual carriageway bar 30 miles of country lanes.


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            Town driving and motorway consumes most. But you can get quite good figures if driving under 60mph constant speed. Also if you drive with very light foot you can get pretty good consumption. IMO the problem is in the throttle / turbo calibration, it really takes some trying to get low consumption, it's possible tho.. And yeah the figures from manufacturer are a bit too optimistic..