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Should I get rims painted?

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  • Should I get rims painted?

    Since my Meriva is Star Silber and the 17" Opel OPC rims are pretty silver as well, I have been thinking about getting them painted... Otherwise it's, well... all silver :?

    The rims are brand new and have never been driven, so paint job should be pretty easy as there is no repair needed... I've heard of a price (with out receet) in the whereabouts of 1500 DKK (approx 140 GBP) which I don't consider expensive at all.

    Here is the standard:

    Here is approx how I would like them in antrazite gray:

    What do you guys think?
    Does it look cooler or no?

    (BTW, the car isn't mine, but it's the car that I test drove and made me want one )

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    to be honest, i'd say leave as is x they look really nice


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      Agreed, leave alone, not my taste, sorry.


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        I see what you mean, it looks very much silver indeed The color suits the car but maybe not in the std. wheels, also there is always a risk with repaint as the result may look worse than planned and then the wheels will be ruined. Maybe just get some proper aftermarket wheels in gunmetal / anthrazite later..

        BTW, drive a couple of miles and do some hard braking, and thanks to brake dust your wheels (esp. the fronts) will look just like in the other picture


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          i'd say upgrade the wheels a inch or so, paint them black and slam it some more

          Also not to my taste, but black might look ok along with a bit of lowering too (next on my list).


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            Perhaps look at the silver facing and grey/black inners to the spokes