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Spotted! Meriva VXR

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  • Spotted! Meriva VXR

    Just seen a Red Meriva VXR on the road in Luton, it had trade plates on so i presume it was out from the tech centre. Looked good on the road, and i'm told it goes even better!
    Vivaro Sportive - '56 VW Beetle - Meriva VXR

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    I saw it at the Tech centre last time I was there......looks like an agressive baby brother to a Zaf :P
    The boost button sounds a complete laugh too.


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      I enquired about this at my dealer. It sounds like the dealer isn't ordering any more VXR cars for stock as he has 3 already and wants to concentrate on regular cars in the run up to March.
      Thats a pitty as I wanted to have a look at one as a possible future purchase. Mind you the black Astra VXR with 19" wheels did look very good.
      So I shall wait until the 2 Astra Twin Tops arrive in April and hopefully by then they may have relented and brought in a Meriva.