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Newbie To Site With Meriva VXR

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  • Newbie To Site With Meriva VXR

    Hi Guys, Found This Site Completely By Accident & Found It Very Interesting, I Have An Arden Blue Meriva VXR With AFL & Reverse Sensors & What A Car. Just Love Wasting All Kinds Of Motors, I Think They Think It's Just An MPV,But They Are Very Surprised When They Can't Catch Me
    Just Wondered If Anyone Can Help Me. I Recently Purchased The Upgraded Display For The Radio & Found That I No Have A Trip Computer Which Is Very Handy, Bit Cross Though As I Seem To Have Lost The Left Hand Functions On The Steering Wheel As When I Press Them The OBC Comes On & It Does Not Adjust The Radio/CD By The Way It's A CD30 MP3
    Please Help

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    welcome to the site

    someone should be along shortly to help answer your question


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      not sure why you're having a problem with the stereo side of things. I have a CD30 mp3 in my meriva and tbh I dont think there are any setting options to modify controls within the CD30 unit. Might be something to do with wiring/canbus system for a guess - maybe vaux can tech2 to find a solution.

      Other than that, welcome to VXR Online!


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        Thanks For Your Responses, Trouble Is Everything Was Ok Till The New Display Was Put On


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          Welcome I think you need a dealer mate,sorry.
          Glad you enjoy the site though
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            Glad to hear of another pocket rocket out there :wink:

            Sorry I can't help with problem, but hopefully someone can assist :?


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              Had My Pocket Rocket Since July 2006 & Still Loving it


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                I only drove one last Saturday but my god was it fun


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                  Hello Sean,

                  Snap. I have a VXR with AFL and rear parking sensors in arden blue....The previous owner changed the CD30 for a CDC40 opera with a graphic display + added the aftermarket dvd player. I too have no way to change CD tracks or radio stations from the left set of steering wheel controls and as you say it turns on a trip computer. Something else which is annoying is the stereo buttons don't light up until you turn the sidelights on which is poop if you want to find the right button when the ignition is off but the stereo is on.

                  I recently took it to my stealer to find out if it had DAB and about the steering wheel controls. They told me that it was configured at the factory to work with a CD30 and pluging into Tech2 to get DAB going & the controls working did not work. They were helpful but for a grand total of a phone call to Vx and a quick plug in to the Tech2 the scallywags charged me £45!!

                  Unless you know a stealer who will have a go for free dont bother taking it in.