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This is the last day I drive a Meriva :)

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  • This is the last day I drive a Meriva :)

    It's been a fun year with the car. Now saving up for a RWD or 4WD car, that's the way for me to go next. Driving something much cheaper at the moment (C2 VTS, yeah I know, it sucks performance wise but goes well enough in corners to keep me smiling)..

    Anyway have fun with the Meriva, it's a great car! Never had a fault with it (after 1year ownership), something you can't say about VAG or other so called quality brands these days. Never drink any oil either and performance much better than stated.

    BTW, in case you're intersted: I clocked ~7.4secs 0-100kmh (98 RON) with Tempes GT GPS test software, and that was not even an optimal run. 8.1secs (7.7sec 0-60mph) with 95 RON.

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    Hey... sorry to hear that you're skipping it but I know the "want more" feeling...


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      I have that feeling too! But, still love the car to bits. Recon a remap will help, but one day I will end up changing it again to something bigger and better - will still be a vauxhall though!!

      Best of luck, stay in touch on the forums.


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        I liked the meriva a lot, it was a shame to let it go. Still felt the right thing to do, I've always been a fan of small hatches so the meriva was only a temporary solution for me as I needed the space to move my kids carriage. The chassis is great in meriva but I still felt the need to get something more agile in corners, the C2 is great for that but a bit slow in straight so only a budget solution for now.

        If I decide to stay FWD I hope to get something like cooper S later or the new corsa, allthough I have to say I don't like the looks of the corsa so much. The new clio is also tempting, great chassis and the revvy N/A engine is a fun combination. Anyway the next change is not until 2 years or so if I get to save some money first..

        Anyway I will still pop in now and then to hear things about the Meriva, have fun!