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  • Wheels

    Hi All,

    Well i arrived back to work this morning after having a few days off, when a Transporter arrived with a CORSA VXR in arden blue for our showroom

    While it was in the Workshop having it PDI,i ask our workshop controller if i could carry out a quick wheel swap with my MERIVA VXR.....

    Their the same ET47 that the meriva uses It looks the muts nunts with 18" on it!!!!!!!

    Now i thinking about upgrading my STD Meriva Wheels to the 18" Corsa VXR ones....

    I wished i brought my camera to work iam gutted,as iam sure you'd all agree it looked so much different...

    Will have to see our parts manager for a price for all 4...

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    Nice, would love to see a Meriva with 18".
    Guess it looks great since the 17" allready look good on it.


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      oi !! Nice one Phil

      Would like to see a piccy too! One of mine is badly kerbed......... had a misfortune yesterday, so was thinking of repairing them and then finding someone to swap 18/19s with my 17's plus cash.

      Well something like that anyway


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        Don't do that. You will be sad by wasting power in the wheels.

        My oppinion to that: If you buy new ones, buy OZ or smth what weights less. They look great and you car gets faster .


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          yup thought about that myself. Had 18's on my Mk4 Astra 2.2. More than enough and yet didnt compromise on power or handling....

          Come on, photo's VXR Racer :wink: :wink:


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            This is one of those threads that are worthless without pics... :wink:

            The 17" are hard enough for me as it is... 18" would hurt my kidneys
            I think that I would go for a KW coilover variant 1 instead, to get it lowered so that both looks better and handles better.


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              IT would be interesting to see them fitted with tyres. I also would like to fit 18's but tyre and clearance may not be great on the Meriva, considering the Corsa is on an different chassis.


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                Number one thing if you want to improve handling, get some lightweight 17" wheels (like OZ etc.), the car doesn' need any bigger wheels, unless after the looks. To improve handling on a track maybe get coilovers, for normal driving the std. suspension is OK.