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HOW TO fit Corsa OPC/VXR indicators and surrounds

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  • HOW TO fit Corsa OPC/VXR indicators and surrounds

    You need:
    - Corsa D OPC/VXR indicator surrounds, sold on eBay for approx 30 GBP for a set
    - Corsa D indicators with connectors/loom, found these through a used parts dealer for approx 15 GBP

    Step 1: Remove old indicators
    Push forward and they'll come off. It's very likely that the clip will break
    Disconnect the indicator, and you'll end up with this:

    Step 2: Square peg, round hole
    Now it the time for a test-fit to see what you're up against. The Corsa D indicators needs to have the corners grinded... (actually alot more than on this picture!):

    And the clip is clearly in the way, so off with that:

    Step 3: Test fitting in the surround.
    With the clip gone, there's gonna obviously gonna be some gluing necessary...

    Step 4: Soldering
    I wanted to keep the original Meriva A connectors, in case I want to revert back to the oval indicators (well... I would have to buy a new one first, as the clip broke, but you know what I mean...).
    I cut a piece of the black tube off, to make room for soldering. Then I cut the wires one at the time (so they wouldn't accidentaly slide back through the hole in the wing) and soldered the Corsa connector into place:

    Then I heat-shrunk the soldering:

    Now the other wire:

    Soldering done:

    The old connector is then sealed properly:

    And bubble-wrapped to prevent rattling in the wing :

    Step 5: Mounting
    This was the most tricky and definitely most unsatisfying part...
    With the Corsa indicator pushed (NOT glued yet!) into the surround (WITH protective film on the back), I found the best position. This is where the indicator kinda stays in the surround, not being pushed outwards due to contact with the wing.
    After cleaning the wing properly, then when I took the guts to remove the film protecting the adhesive on the back of the surround... and realized, it had to move it further upwards to cover the oval on the wing

    Therefore I had to grind even more of the indicator to make it fit:

    Step 6: Glue
    Now glue the indicator to the surround in the once-was-the-clip-end and give it a bandaid overnight

    Final result
    After buying a new tube of silicon glue, the indicator stayed in place

    VXRed blooded
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    nice work matey great how too aswell


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      nice work,good how to ,as said
      Ex owner of various VXR's

      Current :2017 Golf R - APR Stage 2


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        very nice guide mate, lot of work to do it but worth it if it improves the look of the car



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          Crappy silicon glue didn't hold in place when i removed the tape... it was way over expiry date though, so i had a suspision it could end this way.
          Gonna get some new glue today


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            Updated with final result pics.


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              thats a really smart detail to the car, looks like a hard little mod though nice on matey


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                i got some mini style surrounds coming... gonna do them on my merv design... - if i dont like them, i think this is the one i'll be using :P - look Well good (better than oval plastic


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                  How do you change a Corsa VXR one tho, is it a pain to change or straight forward?


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                    nice, good if can pick up the pieces fairly cheap


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                      Here is evidence that everybody really wants a Corsa Vxr..


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                        Except me


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                          Vxr's are quite nice in any of the range but to dull for me, i'd rather a style them diff to everyone else, stand out from the crowd, not blend


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                            Originally posted by I_Heart_Haters View Post
                            Vxr's are quite nice in any of the range but to dull for me, i'd rather a style them diff to everyone else, stand out from the crowd, not blend

                            Yes they are much duller than many things on the road...........
                            Ex owner of various VXR's

                            Current :2017 Golf R - APR Stage 2


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                              Well you do see one every 5 mins and only 2 variations other than base colour. Silver wheels and blacks wheels & roof. You know its right, just lile any car, huge rage when get released but now millions have them so you need to make it your own nowadays. Soz just been on loadsa forums & this is the dullest one due to lack of imagination