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HOW TO installing open air filter

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  • HOW TO installing open air filter

    Basically there are three ways of doing it;
    1) Leaving the bottom of stock air filter box in place
    2) Removing the stock air filter box
    3) Removing the stock air filter box and the original tube plumbing

    The first approach makes it easy to restore the original parts (when you e.g. need to take to Opel/Vauxhall shop under warranty ), as you only have to put in the stock panel air filter and then put the lid on.
    The second approach is a bit more difficult because you have to remove more parts, and I honestly don't really see why you would should choose this compared to the above.
    Third approach is what I would consider the optimal. Out with the standard and in with a short, straight flow. Requires complete removal of stock air filter box and tubes.

    For option 2 and 3 ... it's a _really_ tight fit, count on some bruised knuckles. Cursing in German is allowed...

    For now, I chose the easiest of all, namingly to leave the bottom of the stock air filter box in place for the reasons mentioned, and here is how I did it:

    --- 1) Leaving the bottom of stock air filter box in place ---

    1) Loosen the hose clamp closest to the air filter box and disconnect the mass air sensor from the box

    2) Loosen (but do not remove) the 4 screws indicated. The one in the bottom left corner (closest to the corner of the car) is very difficult to reach with a screwdriver.
    Fortunately the front of the box can be tilted upwards. It is being hold by a rubber pole that is pushed downwards into a "U" bracket just behind the headlight. Wiggle it and it will release from the "U" bracket. It should now be possible to loosen the last screw.

    3) The lid of the box is hinged in the left side on the picture. Open it all the way and the lid comes off.

    4) Carefully remove the panel air filter

    5) Install new air filter of choice. I bough an Apexi Power Intake with 3" (76 mm) flange. The diameter of the mass air sensor is 70 mm, so I needed to use 2 different sized rubber hoses to hook it all up. Remember to tie up the assembly using e.g. nylon straps so that the filter doesn't become damaged from vibrations.

    Here is a pic of the result:

    - Deeper and more aggressive engine sound
    - Very audible turbo
    - Loud blow-off, even with the standard one

    When idling and driven nicely, there is almost no difference in sound.

    After installing I have yet to experiment with adjusting the placement of the filter. Currently it is laying right on top of the cold air intake in the bottom of the air filter box, which I believe is causing some unfortunate sounds when air is being sucked through it... I plan in the near future to lift it upwards, maybe 10-15 cm above the cold air intake.

    --- 2) Removing the stock air filter box ---

    Loosen the large torx holding the large black bracket close to the damper tower. This and then the rubber pole in the "U" bracket is all that holds the bottom of the stock airfilter box. There is also a drain tube running from the bottom part. The hose clamp for this is very tight and difficult to reach. The hose is held into place further down through the engine compartment, so is needs to be remove either at the air filter box or in the opposite end.

    --- 3) Removing the stock air filter box and the original tube plumbing ---

    Basically you remove all the existing tubes on the intake side and replace them with e.g. stainless steel tubes routed in the shortest possible way.
    I have yet to do this, but here is some inspiration from a Zafira OPC:

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    Finally came around making a small movie, so you can hear it groar and whistle....

    Meriva OPC with Apexi Power Intake

    Edit: Link fixed