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Black Sapphire OEM+ family bus.

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    Yeah it was fine, its a bumper off job and scuttle tray so low Haynes spanner rating sure you would manage it easy, cutting the bumper was time consuming and the relay fitting was tiny bit footery but not hard.

    Getting the bits was hardest as the rams and jets are Meriva specific so had to buy them new of different websites. Might get lucky on Gemany ebay "Meriva A SRA" or "Meriva A scheinwerferreinigungsanlage" are the magic words to make them appear! I got the hose off ebay £6 and the pump was a scrapyard special of a SAAB 93 as its the same £8. I hunted with the part numbers and think got he cost down to about £200 all in including programming, paint etc. Via a dealership hate to think what the price would be.


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      while since i updated, but managed a few things:

      After about 3 years hunting finally got hold of a CD70 Navi with CID from France that wasn't a crazy price.
      So got it all fitted then updated the software:

      Very happy with it and saves me and the misses arguing over sat nav directions as it has a map now, like the extra detailed arrow and junction function too.

      Then typically the week later a DVD90 Navi in Silver Chrome to match my original center console came on the market from the same seller so removed it all again and fitted the DVD90 instead as it has AUX in and DVD of Europe not just the UK CD.
      Doesn't have the third menu tab for Board Computer like my old CD70 had but will consider getting it tech 2 activated in the future if its not too expensive.

      Visit to the scrap yard got me a pair of rear picnic tables as the kids miss them from the old Meriva Design, so retrofitted a pair of them, but tucked the leather backs up inside so it is reversible. Found out the passengers lumbar support is snapped so will have to keep an eye out for one of them, next visit.

      Also got a nice clean front pop out ash tray with light and domed cigi lighter- which is different to the rear squares type -presume that is correct? as the Merv it came out of looks like a well looked after OAP one with it never used.

      Also got the boot side nets for a bargain £4, as i prefer the look of them to the solid version most later cars got.

      Passengers side before:

      Passengers side after:

      Driver side before:

      Drivers side after:

      Also hunted google for the Sunvisor CD holder option, local dealer said it was obsolete, so lucky for me the misses found one on

      Not got a pic of it fitted yet but it fits ok - will add one soon.

      Merv also turned 111,111 miles, so not bad considering i bought it with 56k, it also did the family holiday tour from Glasgow to Devon to London and home again in a week with no issues so got a oil change, a new MOT (front brake lines) and new road Tax as a reward.

      Road Tax is getting expensive on the Merv £300.00! wish they fixed some of the pot holes around my way with it.

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