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ABS Fault VXR8

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  • ABS Fault VXR8

    Hello to you all.
    This is my first post and I hope it might help someone else here.

    My 2009 VXR8's ABS warning light came on last week. Scanned ABS ecu for codes. N/S/R wheel speed sensor fault. Ordered and fitted new sensor.Same fault..... Followed the wiring from the N/S sensor across the top of the diff to where the O/S wiring joins it. There is a nasty little multi plug connector stuck up the side of the fuel tank. The wires are twisted together in the loom,and are under tension when they get clipped up under the car. One of the wires had snapped at the connector. Cut connector block off, soldered all the wires together,covered with heat shrink... code gone....light off!!

    Bit long winded, but hopefully of some use!!


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    Had it not been for your problem being resolved so quickly, I would suggest the very same wheel to be checked for a faulty bearing. I was driving for the same fault for good 3 months and 3 consecutive visits to Vauxhall just to be fobbed off being told that there is nothing wrong. Only when doing service with Monkfish it turned out that o/s/r wheel bearing was collapsed. That was end of it (well two months later and 30 days of the car being off the road waiting for the parts from AUS).

    All in all, glad yours was just a quick fix


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      had that exact problem fixed by Vauxhall. Thts now 2 that have had it so maybe we could start an FAQ of possible faults and what/where to look


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        2009 would be under warranty, why do it yourself?

        North East England - Tech 2 diagnostics/ code clearing available, Cruise control switches supplied fitted and activated . PM me for details


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          also had same problem, needed new loom