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Hi guys I want a vxr8

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  • Hi guys I want a vxr8

    Hi all iv got a astra burg n I'm looking for a vxr8 now the big question is how thirsty are these beasts, do they handle around corners well ie bk end don't step out like a rx8


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    Pm badboyburt he will be able to answer any questions about these beasts.

    ..................... THEY JUST KEEP GETTING BETTER.!!.................


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      On a run you can probably get 25mpg if you have cruise set to 65-70mph. Every day driving with a mix of a and b roads, on average I get 19mpg. These cars will tend to give you what you want, if your careful around the corners then it behaves itself, if your going to floor it then you can expect it to step out, even more so in the wet.


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        If you drive it around corners like a front wheel drive car, you may have issues.

        They're no more tricky to drive than any other car, but the throttle isn't an on/off switch.

        And as above, you'll have to be a little more sedate in the wet/greasy conditions.

        I find RX-8's quite stable, quite soft suspension so a little body roll but that helps with mechanical grip so you can feel what's going on rather than a snap from going to grip to no grip.

        You'll be fine.
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          I would disagree. If you're used to nippy front wheel drive cars, you will find the VXR8 to be a handful. It neither has the handling, nor the quick reactions of the Astra VXR, and the sheer amount of torque sent to the rear wheels means that you will get lots of oversteer if you don't respect it. After a small hatch the R8 will feel slow witted and cumbersome, it really is chalk and cheese and completely different to drive. It's definitely the case of 'taming the beast' as opposed to the safe, understeery nature of a front wheeled driver. On a quick B-road the Astra may well be quicker, but the R8 will be quicker in a straight line.

          It takes a while to learn the car to get the best out of it, and you really need some chassis mods if you want to enjoy it fully as its very soft and slow witted in standard trim.

          Hope that helps,

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            Having owned a tuned Astra VXR for 5 years and then recently moving to a VXR8 I found it completely different animal.
            It appears more sluggish and less responsive which initially I found quite dissappointing but I wouldn`t go back for all the tea in China :-)
            Can it be a handful YES but thats why I bought it and its not unruly just excitable LOL
            I definately need some chassis mods as said above as it does wallow a bit.
            All that said it is the most enjoyable car I have ever owned and the most for hours and hours and no discomfort
            They are disceptively fast......think your doing about 70mph and its about 100mph LOL
            MPG is kak but no-one buys one thinking of fuel ecomony - I get 20 mpg on short trips and 27mpg cruising on motorways


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              My first drive in a Vxr8 ended up looking down the road out of the side window lol

              I wasn't expecting the car to go sideways after booting it coming out onto the main road lol

              No other cars it was all safe an got her straightened up again. Just am example of how it's totally different to the astra.

              They are one hell of a car an forth money you can pick them up at.


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                Hi vxrfrosty, I've been a VXR8 driver for just over two weeks and i can say for sure that every owner will have a different impression depending on what they have come to the VXR8 from. My own transformation was from a fwd Cavalier 2.5 v6 with lowered and stiffened suspension and a chipped engine with half a ton of hi-fi gear in the boot. For me the VXR8 is a revelation, very very fast, handles beautifully, and best of all the most phenomenal brakes which make this just about the safest car on the road. I've not pushed it yet, and over time I will find its shortcomings I imagine: I am already wondering what it would be like to drive a Supercharged Bathhurst version Best thing to do is get a test drive and see if the radically different set up suits you. For my first two weeks petrol consumption round town with the occasional dual carriageway blast has been 21.8 mph according to the trip computer.


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                  Originally posted by vxr.paul View Post
                  Pm badboyburt he will be able to answer any questions about these beasts.
                  Lol I love it when the rear reminds me its there

                  Get it you wont regret it

                  V8, not for everyone but 10/10 for your effort.


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                    Before I had the car supercharged I averaged around 14-15mpg for my daily commuting run. On a long run I averaged around 28mpg or so.
                    With the SC installed I now average 10 - 12 mpg commuting and around 22 for longer runs.
                    Handing wise the car is O.K. but being a big car it not as chuckable as a hot hatches. You have to think a ahead and set the car up for a bend. I would put on a par with a non 'M' badged 5 series.
                    The engine pulls well in all gear except 6th which for the standard engine is too tall.


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                      I did my work commute a few times in mine down the M1 and averaged just shy of 30mpg.
                      14-18 around town depending how heavy my right foot was.

                      oh, and mines for sale


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                        Just picked mine up Tuesday and I am thinking about moving out of the house and into the car. Don't buy anything until you have taken one for a spin.


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                          Originally posted by VXRboa View Post
                          Just picked mine up Tuesday and I am thinking about moving out of the house and into the car. Don't buy anything until you have taken one for a spin.
                          I'd have to echo that. Got mine less than two weeks ago and ADORE it! I moved from a Scooby where the electronics sorted you out no matter how wrong you got it. This meant I respected it rather than loved it - I like the fact that I have to think about the conditions a bit more in the R8 it feels more of an interacation and an experience if that makes sense.
                          Brutus is finally finished!!


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                            Hi guys thank you very much for the input but I live on the isle of man, no motorways, just stop goooden stop goo stop goo deristricted then 50mph so I dont no if this car would be a daily if you get me, but I really do want one iv had 2 astras now and both causing pure problems

                            Thee is no vxr8s on the island so I'll have to fly to England ( £150 return) n find a garage close to a airport

                            Question is manual or auto better or worse ??

                            Cheers guys and thank you


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                              Question is manual or auto better or worse ??

                              As a disabled driver I only had the Auto option, I love it. I've only had the car a few weeks though and the long term owners on here all praise the Auto gearbox remap which you can get. I've come up from a Cavalier 2.5v6 with a three speed auto to the 6.0 V8 with the six speed Auto and it is effortless, no matter what the gear it just goes goes goes Even driving around town in traffic at sub 30mph speeds this thing puts an ear to ear grin on your face.