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To buy or not to buy? Advice please.

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  • To buy or not to buy? Advice please.

    I need to replace my old omega 3.0l with something that moves abit faster. I've been looking around at the usual suspects Subaru, R32, Focus ST, not really thinking I could afford a Monaro, then I started looking and found a 2006 06 Reg Vauxhall MONARO 5.7 V8 Coupe 2d 5667cc on (the links below) autotrader for the 20k I was willing to spend on a new Scooby. A few things I need to take into consideration though.

    Is this the right 1 to buy? I dont want to spend 20k on on the wrong type of Monaro.

    I dont have a garage or driveway so the cars going to have to be parked on the road at night. Is this a wise thing? Do they get alot of attention from the wrong kind of people?

    Does anything go wrong with them that I need to look out for?
    And is there anything else that I need to think about before I consider buying this car?

    Any help or advice you can offer will be greatly received, and I thank you in advance.

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    every question you ever thought of can be answered there.
    Insignia VXR, quite nippy!


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      If you looked at the ST whats wrong with the Astra - its quicker than all on your list bar the Monaro and some higher end scoobys, and even then whats a few seconds to 100mph difference - not much...


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        The car in the advert is a 2004 model year car and as such is the closest to the origional "Mike Simcoe" designed car.

        It is a car with clean lines and benifits from the larger boot capacity.

        The 04 cars are the second most plentiful of the Monaro's in the UK only beaten by the 6.0l VXR but at around 300+ cars they are not common.

        If you intend to up grade power this is a good car to start with as a remap will bring you 40+hp BUT the brakes on these cars are a "one trick pony" so dont expect them to hold back 1650kg+ after repeated braking sessions.

        The Monaro is a GT more than a sports car but it will not be troubled by many cars and given a clear run will reduce the rest of the Vauxhall range to a small dot in the rear view mirror!!!! (other Monaro's excepted)

        Fuel consumption is a wide and varied thing but on a good run expect 28mpg an average of 22mpg is sensible and minus numbers if used on a track day. BUT for a 5700cc car that is very good.

        Servicing is cheap at around £150 each year and no hidden expensive 40k services like many hot hatches.

        As said above the best place for info on the Monaro is which is the forum for the HSV Drivers Club UK.


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          Having read about the brakes on CV8's Im preety sure I dont want one of those(who wants a car that goes really fast, stops really fast, once). How do I tell the differnce between a CV8 and VXR when im scanning the adds? Or do I simply have to look for 1 selling a "VXR".

          I would also like to hear so views about parking the car on the road at night. Although I live in a decent area, for the most part, I am a little concerned about this aspect of owership. The car will be alarmed ofc and will probably be fitted with a tracker system, but that won't stop the jealous that just wonna damage it.

          Many thanks again.


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            Originally posted by caspy


            every question you ever thought of can be answered there.
            He's right.....


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              If your going for a Monaro, in my view, its got to ba a VXR all day long
              My VXR from Start to Finish

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