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Suspension differences Monaro - GTO

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  • Suspension differences Monaro - GTO

    I found out that the exhaust was different between the 2 when I bought a monaro exhaust for my gto to register the gto here in Sweden. Are there also any differences in the suspension parts? I was thinking upgrading the suspension slightly with US-parts, but if there are stock Monaro parts in the UK that do the same thing (I have a feeling that US cars are normally softer in their set up) why cross the Atlantic for the goodies?
    I seriously believe my GTO would benefit greatly from new and upgraded shocks!

    Knowledge or thoughts anyone?

    /Per, Stockholm
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    I'm looking at Pedders suspension for mine. They sell it for the GTO in the States, so I'd say it's the same as the Monaro/HSV GTO.