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  • A right touch

    As older members of the vxr8 forum probably know I ve had a series of dramas in the year ive owned my VXR8.
    However only the other day I recieved a phn call from Vauxhall customers services trying to entice me into a new LS3 .
    After calmy explaining to them the fact ive had over 13 grands worth of warranty work, they became somewhat quiet and apologetic.

    I have had

    new rear discs and pads plus front pads (£2700)
    New auto box (£7000)
    New front pads and discs (£3000)
    New Battery (£100)
    Inner wheel arch liners refitted (possibly £100 minimum)
    Refit align front bumper (guestimate £100)
    refit interior carpets (guesstimate £100)
    Renew washer bottle
    Renew key fob

    However with all the drama the car is still the dogs..and I love it.
    I did contact HSV in Aussie giving them the engine chassis number and slagged the product off.
    I recieved a email where they state 'The auto box is an identified weak area on the car' and that the latest ones have oil cooler . They mention in my email that the garages in UK should have all the latest calibration/update software for the non oil cooled any auto box vxr8 owners if you need a copy of my email ..(just incase you get any problems) let me know..cos the manufaturers know the auto box is weak and that would assist you if a claim is made as i have the admission from them

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    This was my initial question and answer recieved

    The question you asked in the QnA section of the HSV Website has been answered.

    Sadly in november 2007 i have purchased a vxr8/clubsport in the UK and must tell
    you that without doubt it is the most terrible car ive ever owned. It was
    purchased from a VXR dealerwith 13k miles as a demo.
    In the year that I have had this (having sold my amg has had the
    following....1).Inner wheel arches required refitting, 2) New washer
    bottle.3)New rear discs, pads and new front pads (£2700). 4) New Auto gearbox
    (£7000), 5) new front pads and discs.£2600) 6) Front bumper alignments
    7)Rear Carpets required refitting, New battery 9) new key fob. Not bad for a
    car that ive owned for one year!!!
    VIN Chassis number of this pile of doo doo is ENGINE NUMBER ******185.
    Trust me mates...the car is **** and i cant understand why cos the product idea
    is real fun.

    Everytime the pile of **** causes me concern, my poor old dog gets lumps kicked
    out of him..all cos aussies cant build a decent car>>>or can they? Every time i
    go through the front door the dog cowers, cos he knows the clubbie is broken,
    but the rental car aint gonna let me down!!

    I want to buy a ls3 one but have lost confidence with the product
    Walkinshaws in Uk have been great, but the product is duff

    sorry to give you guys grief but if petrol wasnt so dear over here, id burn the
    kind regards

    Hi Jaye,
    It is disapointing to hear of the poor experience you have had with your
    vehicle. In general this model usually has very few faults. Either Vauxhall or
    Walkinshaw should be able to help with getting any concerns that still exist
    rectified quickly.




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      After further communication I recieved this email

      Hi Jaye,
      There have been several calibration updates for the auto trans in your model. Again your dealer should be able to check if you have the latest level software.

      The brake pads fitted have been tested by HSV for many thousands of km,s and found to be most suited to the application.

      It is correct that the auto trans is the weak link in this model when upgrading power such as supercharging. Customers in Aus who supercharge their vehicles loose warranty on the complete driveline.




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        Dont get me wrong................i really love this car it is such a great car, and all my probs have been ironed out, so now i can enjoy it
        Occasionally a duffer comes through, I got it, but its all sorted and lovely now


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          Jaye, I'm glad to see your experience hasn't affected the way you feel about the car, and that finally it's all looking good.

          As for the auto box, when mine went for it's annual service at picadors I specifically asked for the new TCM tune for the autobox after reading the G8 forums where an update has been available for some time. But they didn't have one, will have to check that again.

          I'm planning to get mine totally sorted in the new year, oil cooler, new torque converter and the new calibration! Wish me luck


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            tHE CAR IS BRILLIANT
            I did at one time consider flogging it, but it actually really suits my needs in every department.
            Walkinshaw have been absolutely fantastic, and even Vauxhall customer services top all, a bad experience made good..........I went to Switzerland and France this year in it me...all the petrolheads loved it................shall we do a day trip as discussed earlier this year?


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              Yeah know what you mean, mine got more attention at the Nurburgring than some far more expensive machinery! Day trip would be a great idea and the huge boot will come in handy!


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                I tried adertising mine as now have an "extra fun car" and "city car" so don't really need the overkill of 400+bhp to cart the family around (and to be honest I don't find myself using anywhere near that amount of power with wifey and 2 very young kids in the back). Soo technically all I need is a reliable hog to plod on the motorways.

                However the prices are really hysterically low - best (non fraud) offer was 19k and this is for a 1 year old/10k miles car with options. So it's just not sensible to bother changing. In fact I find myself drawn to the walkinshaw bi-modeal exhaust and supercharger combo...

                I've had niggles with my car - brakes needed replaing twice before 2k miles, huge water leak on the rear footwells and sometimes the centre dash doesn't want to go very bright. This morning I had the indicator go mental the first time I used it but it was fine after that (am hoping it's just the -2 temps and it's a transient issue). But even after some low points I still find it a really good car.


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                  like ads I have 2 kids... well one 11m old baby and a 3y old... they are always with me when i get in the car and the 3y old keeps me in line shouting from the back child seat,"Gentle dady please... GENTLE PLEASE!" So i often back off the power.

                  Spoken to the guys at Monkfish and they suggest I don't supercharge the AutoBox version... mild upgrades like sports pack= exhaust, cold air feed and program adding 30bhp. Then Headers (when ready for release), sports cats and re-programing adding 20 to 30bhp giving total of 470 or lucky to get 480. Was told incremental power gain won't hurt the box so much.

                  At the end of the day... I don't drive long enough in one go to enjoy the supercharged version even tho i like to add one on. Myst keep us posted on the Autobox cooler. If this works I might be tempted to supercharge... so far this demo car has had a few tiny niggles... so i don't want to fix what isn't broken... yet!


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                    You guys with little ones, all respect to you having the self-control not to get on the loud peddle, maybe you need some 'me' time with your V8 at the 'pod'! think about it

                    Noose I think most autobox problems are heat and software related, since having my trans fluid changed to fully synthetic Redline Racing it's been much better, I will be using a custom tune for the autobox from the US company supplying my new torque converter, hope that and the addition of the LS3 oil cooler should cope with the power.
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                      Happy New Year To Everybody On This Site


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                        just out of interest Rawpower - what AMG did you have? I had been thinking about C55s and CLK55s until the VXR8 caught my eye


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                          I was very tempted with the auto initially myself. Mainly from a heavy traffic aspect as well as wanting to fiddle around with the tune for the trans. But I read too many stories of death and decay on it.

                          I think in a year or two you will be able to get uprated ones etc which should cope better. Also Im pretty sure increasing the line pressures would help reduce slip in the stock one. Perhaps what the uprated calibration does.

                          In the end Im glad Ive got the manual as I had to crash start it a couple of times already

                          Plus that bloody indicator issue is a nightmare, if you have had it once it will come back, mine progressively got worse, now it does it all the time turning left. Thats AFTER picadors have had it 3x to fit. Ill try again shortly, but will take a look myself first to see what the story is with the electronics etc.

                          Mine is now powered by a supercharger killer setup. Planning to show the SC guys the rear end of my vxr8 at the strip later this year.