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When can I see a VXR8 and some questions

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  • When can I see a VXR8 and some questions

    Saw the VXR8 for the first time last Sunday on Top Gear and even after JC said he liked it I still was interested In fact not a day has gone by since that I've not been on the web diggin around for more information.

    By way of background I'm coming from a Porsche Cayman S which I've had for around 8 months but frankly it's just not doing it for me (Scoobies and Evo prior to it). I think I'm a sports saloon sort of person rather than great refinement.

    So, a couple fo questions - when/where can I see one in the flesh and get my backside sat in one, I'd rather see one before pre-ordering although I might be tempted not to. This next question might be a little more odd but I wondered about a tow bar option, I see the Holden/HSV site lists it as capable of towing 1600kgs so presume they offer a tow bar option, any chance for the UK or would I personal import something (warranty issues?) - not towing a lot and not very often but would be handy (race car not a caravan in case people wondered).

    Are all the exterior colours coming to the UK - the Evoke dark silver metallic looks good to me (get some anthracite rims on it and I'd be in heaven I reckon).

    Can't think of anything else, I'm hooked though...

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    You will probably find a lot more answer over on


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      Magic, thanks.


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        We had Tom Walkinshaws personal HSV 370 on site for the afternoon, it is awesome!!! If you call Walkinshow Devlopments you may get an oppourtunity to have a bum on the seat moment. You may have to travel and ask real nice.


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            Sorry, typo....307


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              Walkinshaw have done a HSV 370 check here

              I think the owner requested the colour-Lambo green from memory
              with matching green leather interior!


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                To see one, you can always go to BTCC. VXR have a display up there with the VXR8. You won't get in it, but at least you can see it up close
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                  With the tow bar you may have an issue. From memory on the VE and E Series the come through the body kit. But the VXR8 has a rear fog lamp in the place it would need to come through.

                  But you might be able to get round that some how.

                  Those who buy a VXR8 (HSV Clubsport) will not be dissapointed. For a Sedan . ( Saloon as you guys call them) .
                  2007 HSV Arden Blue


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                    VXR8 now at Newbury Vauxhall. PM if wanting to arrange a Test Drive or come and see the car itself.



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                      Confirmed my VXR8 today Gone for Black on 20" rims with the Wortec "Sport Pac"

                      Was going to upgrade later to the electronic switching exhaust but after hearing it I was sold, B Fantastic!!!!!!!

                      The dealer had their Wortec supercharged car in the workshop being cleaned ready for a tv prog so the sales man said I would need to come back to test drive it!!!!!!! So booked for week after next