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electrical glitch in ventilation/ac controls

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  • electrical glitch in ventilation/ac controls

    Noticed the car was getting hot today, when I went to the ac controls all was dead, the car would not even read the outside temp (LS3 for info) it came up with dashes for the temp. After 10min power down and back all appears to be working ok. Has anyone else had a glitch like this as its going to be a difficult one for Vauxhall to sort if it does it again.

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    Might be an idea to get them to update the BCM firmware. Helps the battery charging problem and might aid this too.


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      Yeah, I had my BCM and module firmware all upgraded as well as the facia on the HVAC Audio thingy replaced. So far everything else is working nice.. Well will be once Mr Fish finishes sorting out my clutch/gearbox issues.


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        What problems do they have with the battery charging as I have noticed some weird voltages on the volt meter. It goes from approx 15v down to 12.4volts. Although not had a flat battery but had a loose battery lead which caused some funny results until it was totally dead one morning.


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          The charging algorithm is quite complex and does lets the battery run too low for too long without the BCM update.