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  • New to the VXR8

    Hi everyone,

    I'm not technically an owner yet as I've not got the car until the end of the month (at Walkinshaw being Bathursted ) however that hasn't stopped me planning my mods and so I've a few questions:-

    1) Do the regular HID kits on eBay work with these or do they have an annoying electrical system that needs work arounds? Easy enough to fit or difficult access?

    2) What do people recommend re air filters - just a K&N panel or CAI?

    3) Do these cars not come undersealed - I don't want it rotting during the salty British winter!!

    4) And of course... exhausts... other than the Wortec/Walkinshaw offerings has anybody tried shipping one in from the States/Oz. Found a pair of mufflers in Oz with shipping they weigh in at £487 - seems good to me?

    Thanks and I'm looking forward to getting to know the people on this great forum!

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    Welcome to the Forum mate, few of the lads on here will answer your Q's for you as im also newish to the VXR8 (Not a Bathurst though lol) and loving every minute of it.

    V8, not for everyone but 10/10 for your effort.


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      welcome to the forum mate.

      i got my h.i.d kit from or you gould try

      i have the k&n fitted, thinking of getting a cai

      not checked to see if it is undersealed so cant answer that one.

      exhaust all i can say is wortec , sounds awesome.


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        OTRCAI is a good intake mod -


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          welcome to club bathurst.


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            Thanks for the answers so far guys, were the hids easy to fit? H7 kit?


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              Originally posted by SatansRide View Post
              Thanks for the answers so far guys, were the hids easy to fit? H7 kit?
              h7 is right, fitting depends on if you have small hands or not
              (not alot of space)


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                Where do you get that OTRCAI from and what's the prices? Can't find anything on the website.


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                  I've emailed Orsson directly. Expect it's about AUS$700 plus shipping and stuff.


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                    Been speaking to a contact at a well known quality exhaust manufacturer regarding the possibility of making systems for the VXR8. Initial response was that they're focussing on key models that they'd move decent volume on. Their criteria is a 100 units shipped threshold - think we'd struggle to meet that need although I did say that obviously they could factor in HSV/Pontiac (not sure if they sell overseas though). Could be half the price of the usual suspects though...!

                    Anybody else had systems made up by a different company to Wortec/Walkinshaw? Not knocking these systems btw just looking at possible alternatives


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                      One of the chaps here (my work, not the VXR site) had a stainless system made to measure for his American van. If you are just looking for a system to take the gasses to the back of the car, then fair enough. If you're looking for a power hike, then this may not be the best way to go.
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                        Di Filippo make some nice headers and exhausts. Some of the guys use them.


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                          Originally posted by magic919 View Post
                          OTRCAI is a good intake mod -
                          do you not need a maffless re-map when fitting one of these. ?


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                            Not if you run a MAF.