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VXR 8 undersealed

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  • VXR 8 undersealed

    Before I look under the car, does anyone know how good these are undersealed - if at all? There may not be much call for this in Oz!


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    according to the handbook they do have a protective oil/seal already applied however in my own humble opinion I don't think chassis etc would survive to many harsh winters without rusting especially up here in Aberdeen. My 08 plate car had been wax oiled and it looked a lot better than my 09 plate so this is one job that I will be getting done in the next few weeks


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      I think I will get mine done then. I have done some research and this stuff seems to get the best reports:

      Dinitrol 4941

      Bit more costly than 3M schutz or waxoyl, but I guess you get what you pay for

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        Monkfish offer this as a service - circa £800. Probably get mine done next year.

        Here's a description of what they do:

        Remove front bumper, catback exhaust, heat shields, wheels, arch liners and a few other assorted bits.
        Clean as necessary
        Seal all accesible panel joins/seams with a 2 pack 3M sealer.
        Once dry the underside is treated with a Dinitrol underseal in the high impact areas and Dinitrol Mattalic wax elsewhere.
        Then all the box sections are treated internally with a dinitrol wax product.
        Once dry, all parts are then refitted.


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          Have a look at this


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            Now that sounds like another investment I need to make

            Thanks for the links and info guys
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              I'm now booked in for the start of Nov - thought I may as well get it done before the weather gets really nasty as my car will live on the drive this winter.

              I'll try and get some pictures of the process if Monkfish will oblige


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                Interesting...looking into this too.