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HSV E series hand book

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  • HSV E series hand book

    Just got one turned up today from Oz. On comparing it to the VX effort, it just goes to show how poor the VX book is. It is twice the size and gives far more info about the car.

    It came with a metal HSV plate that goes on the engine cover. Size of this is the same as the VXR one, but this one has a KW power curve picture on it for the LS3


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    Any tips for us?


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      I guess if someone has a bulk machine, it may be worth scanning for everyone to have a copy. Happy to have this done. It does not have a GM part number on the book.

      I think this book is pretty hard to come by unless you own a HSV E series such as a SS or Clubby.

      The plate is going on my engine cover!
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        i want that engine plate.


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          Originally posted by S2000GT View Post
          i want that engine plate.
          I think the work rockinghorse comes to mind. There is no part number on it. The only place to get one will be from HSV.

          Mind you, I am open to very serious offers