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handbrake alarm and reverse sensors not working

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  • handbrake alarm and reverse sensors not working

    A couple of you guys stated that my wife was driving with the handbrake on hence the MPG I reported. Well today I was advised the reverse indicators did not work (AUTO LS3). I found that they were working and could not work it out. Found out however that she may have been driving around with the handbrake on (lucky for me only one click)!!

    I however found out that if the handbrake light is on (on dash) the reverse sensors do not work, so if any of you guys have this problem in later life it may be the handbrake sensor switch.

    Would have thought that the car would bleep however to advise handbrake left on one click if its clever enough to disable the reverse sensors when you are in reverse with the handbrake on.

    Guess Auz Shielas have more sense to reverse with the handbrake on in their autos!