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Re my last (Surrey cozzers)

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  • Re my last (Surrey cozzers)

    Could we have (or is it appropriate to have for those of us that do extensive driving throughout the UK) a listing of various Police forces Unmarked motorway partol cars.........
    These details are readily available via the freedom of information act from the Police but it takes sooooo long to apply and get replies........

    I would start it off with

    Sussex Police

    Unmarked BMW 5 SERIES estate car in dark blue
    same again in Silver
    Evo in silver 04 reg (mainly on M23)
    Merc c class in Silver mainly on M23
    Vauxhall Corsa in blue ..
    Burgundy red unmarked Honda Pan European or Blackbird (not quite sure)
    more updates as and when

    I do realise that if you drive carefully u have nothing to fear, but i suspect everyman jack on this site has succummed to a little bit of a heavy right foot and it only takes a second of enjoyment to ruin your day...or somebody elses,
    it also only takes a second of enjoyment for accidents to happen drive sensibly and responsibly taking road conditions into consideration


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    Already exists on the Pistonheads website


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      Originally posted by crisisjez View Post
      Already exists on the Pistonheads website
      THANX FOR THAT didnt know


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        hmm is this legal lol

        V8, not for everyone but 10/10 for your effort.


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          Originally posted by badboyburt View Post
          hmm is this legal lol
          YES OF COURSE IT IS...
          its all available via the FOI in any case


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            Put simply too many types exist, ive lost track of all the ones in Cleveland let alone travelling out of the area, Durham have a ridiculous array of various cars its just impossible to tell!


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              unmarked honda civic hybrid in brown in teddington and twickenham


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                Originally posted by RAWPOWER View Post
                unmarked honda civic hybrid in brown in teddington and twickenham
                Seen that many times, it has got "Metropolitan Police" stickers on the front doors. Can't imagine that chasing quick cars though...


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                  I would say if you can spot a 5 series blue bmw estate in the distance in your rear view mirror you have better memory than me when driving and would presume your numbers up if they have spotted someone speeding.
                  I would say get the info off pistonheads personally.
                  Youtube Channel - HeavenlyDetail


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                    black and yellow heliochopter.that keeps flying over my house.

                    **** *** i dont live near a road as such.


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                      a better idea is to read the PH thread on this or to just, I dont know, stick to the limit or close to?