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How to fix your tail lights LEDS.

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  • How to fix your tail lights LEDS.

    You will need a soldering iron, solder and a 10mm spanner heat gun and a screw driver.

    Sorry for the rubbish pictures but any questions just ask below.

    1,First you will need to remove the four screws that hold your luggage net on, then the plastic boot lining just pulls up and unclips.

    2,Then pull down on the boot liner and the plastic clip that is holding it up will pull out, then you will be left with this when you look at the back of the light. Remove the 10 mm screw and pull the LED module out of the way.

    3,Unplug the light, it just has a small clip that you press in then they pull apart.

    4,Now undo the two 10mm nuts and the light will just push out.

    5,Just pull the rubber gromit through the hole and the plug then the light will be free.

    6.Put it on a flat surface, and undo these four screws.

    7.Now I used a heat gun for this part, but there are some guides on utube to bake the light in the oven on gas mark 1 for 25mins to loosen the glue, but do all of the above at your own risk.
    I used the heat gun in a circle motion holding it about 6 inches away from the light, this took me about 30 mins to complete and I just used a screwdriver to prise the back of the light away from the body.

    8. Once you have removed the back off of the body you will be left with the back of the led board, on this one six of the yellow indicator LEDS did not work.
    The pictures are not that clear but the solder had cracked around the LEDs in the picture.

    9. I got a watch battery and put it on the back of the LEDS to make sure they were working, but when I first opened the light the quality of the solder work inside the light is shocking to be honest.

    10. I then got my solder iron and re-solded the joints in the picture below as they were really bad, but I'm no expert at soldering and if I can do it so can you.

    11, I then had a trial run and plugged the light back in and my LEDS are working fine and my fast indicator problem has gone.

    12, I then spent 15 mins removing all of the old sealent, and purchased some more from my local hardware store, I resealed the light and put the four screws back in.

    13, Put the light back into the car and fasten the two 10mm screws back up.

    14,Then put the LED module back in and fasten the 10mm nut.

    16. Put the boot linner back up and push the clip back in, clip the plastic boot liner back into place and screw the four luggage net hooks back in and job done.

    I hope this helps people out of warranty, I'm no expert but I have fixed two light's now like this and both had poor solder joints, This will save you having to pay £900 for a new light so its worth a go.
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    A great job you've done there.


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      led lights

      great post m8 going to have a go at this at the weekend as ive had this problem for sometime now thanks again kind reguards james


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        just had ago at this m8 but with no sucess i spotted i had 3 leds not working in the middle of the indicator cluster so i ordered the correct leds and replaced hopeing this would cure the problem but when i plugged them back in they all worked ,then she started flashing fast again bloody thing ,eny ideas enyone please !?


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          The old LEDs should of worked they should of just needed soldering I've fixed four lights with this problem now, if all your LEDs are now working the only thing it can be is the led control module. Try plugging your working light into the side that's flashing and if that one flashes you know it's the led control module.


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            Nice write up mate. will take a note of this for future reference. Just for much room was in the back? Would there be room for silicia gel bags to go in? Might be an easy cure for the condensation inside the light people have been having. aka me....


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              Call Picador Southampton and speak to Chris about the fast flashing indicator and he'll send you 2 cables to plug in and it will fix it.
              Just done it and it's working perfectly.


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                I got the cables and new black boxes it still does it

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                  Originally posted by vaughanp View Post
                  I got the cables and new black boxes it still does it
                  Didn't fix mine either when VX dealer tried. In the end I took the light unit apart as detailed above and fixed some reasonably obvious manufacturing issues with the soldering. On reassembly the problem has never reoccurred.

                  In answer to the two year old question about silica gel for future reference. When I took mine apart they were 'prestuffed' with silica gel packets in the back so yes there is space.


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                    Well just had to take mine apart again was fast clicking on the drivers side. This time I had to replace an LED that was dodgy. In case anyone else ever needs to do it the LED I ended up using from maplin was

                    N76KG 5mm LED Yellow
                    SunLED Description LM2ACY12W
                    Forward Voltage at IF=20mA (Max) 2.0
                    Forward Current 30
                    Reverse Voltage 5
                    Wavelength (nm) 590
                    Typical Intensity at IF=20mA (mcd) 2790
                    Viewing Angle 20


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                      I've just had the same problem on the drivers rear indicator, great write up, going to give this ago this week coming. I have about 3 LEDs out so guessing its solder related.
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                        Can anyone tell me what the specific sealant is called, need to get mine sorted for mot time at the end of the month.

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