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HOW TO remove stock VXR8 head unit

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  • HOW TO remove stock VXR8 head unit

    Hi all,

    Removing the stock VXR8 head unit is a bit of a pig, but hopefully this will help people do it. Time is roughly 20 minutes, give or take stubborn clips;
    1. Take both slats out from either side of the glove box / gear stick console, these slide down to remove (make sure you account for every white peg, these buggers are hard to lose) (see fig 1)
    2. Remove both mini-slats that the above full length slats hook into, again making sure not to lose the white pegs
    3. Unhinge (but do not pull away) the lower steering wheel plastic cover (the part with the headlight switch mounted into it), you can do this by grabbing it at the bottom and sharply tugging back towards the steering wheel, don't pull it back too far or you'll break the cable behind the headlamp switch (see fig 1)
    4. Unplug the headlight cable from the back of the switch and gently bow the cover so that the sharp edges sliding past the steering column do not scratch it, also making sure to account for every white peg (see fig 1)
    5. Locate the main loom going into the right side of the head unit, do not remove individual plugs, there is a master hinge at the bottom that you pinch and pull away to unlever a "dock" that pulls the whole loom out in one go (see fig 2)
    6. Above the main dock, there is another (video input) cable, this has a peculiar connector that you must push in towards the head unit and then slide a lever back across to unplug (see fig 2)
    7. Open the ashtray and grab firmly underneath the head unit fascia, do not yank it, rather lever it out with your thumbs pressed against the centre console, this can be very stubborn but will eventually pop off (see fig 3)
    8. Remove the glovebox lining and gently unplug the orange and white aerial connectors - be extra careful, these are brittle (see fig 3)
    9. Remove the philips / posidrive screws holding the head unit in (one in each corner) and gently pull the head unit out (see fig 4)

    Re-fitment is just reversing the above steps

    Fig 1:

    Fig 2:

    Fig 3:

    Fig 4:

    Ps. Last image taken from CarModder (of which I am a contributing member), go take a look, lots of juicy info
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    Fantastic, thank you
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