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Possible fix for sticking door lock

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  • Possible fix for sticking door lock

    Had an issue with my passanger door lock being reluctant to unlock - is went about half way and needed another press of the key to fully unlock it. More recently it became reluctant to lock too having always kept a close eye on it due to fear of leaving my passanger door unlocked.

    I was aware of another thread that suggested removing the door card and spraying liberal amounts of lubricant on to the mechanism in situ and I tried this but to no avail.

    So last weekend I went a step further and removed the lock mech from the door and opened up the housing for the mech/actuator which revealed the internals of the lock mechanism. On the whole, the components seems pretty 'free' but I wiggled a few springs / arms about anyway and sprayed copious amounts of 3 in 1 lube.

    Anwyay, put it back together and fingers crossed I've had no issue so far so it's looking good however i'm not completely convinced as the problem has appeared to vanished before only to come back the next day. Been ok for 2 days now.

    So I'll keep you updated and if this fails to work, i'll attempt to remove the actuator itself and see what's what with that - bushes etc.

    Remove door card -
    3 screws located at bottom of door
    2 screws on hinge side of door
    1 screw under arm rest
    1 torx screw behind plastic cover behind where door handle is
    Once screws removed tart by prizing the top part of the door card away - get your fingers behind between door card and glass and pull. Once the top part is unclipped, you then need a little persistence tugging away at various locations - it will eventually come away.

    Removing the lock mech from the door is pretty straight forward from this point - just be careful as you need to remove wiring harness from the housing.

    The lock housing is held together by torx screws (cant remember what size) and it can be prized apart with the aid of the twisting action of flat head screw driver.

    Some photos below

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    Good info there mate, thanks for sharing, i will follow this with interest


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      Nice work there.

      Probably ought to ask the admins to move this thread into the How To section that way it won't fall off the page and get lost
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        This is brilliant! The lock on my rear driver side usually sticks like this; hopefully this fix will help. Thanks for sharing


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          not had the sticking lock issue, but good write up Jon.

          V8, not for everyone but 10/10 for your effort.


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            No worries, hope it works for others and hopefully mine will remain ok but we'll have to wait and see


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              I don't like tempting fate so i'm not going to say it - but a few weeks on...