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Fell in love in the last 24Hrs

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  • Fell in love in the last 24Hrs

    I bought a ex race Monaro GT car a few weeks ago but have not driven it, apart from off the trailer and now it is all being rebuilt ready to race in September. My M5 V10 has reached the end of its lease and is going back on Monday, I was going to have a Nissan GTR but after buying the race car I deceided to get a Road Monaro Daily to match the Racecar.
    I found a Supercharged VXR500 earlier this week, a 19500 miler, with suspension pack, quick shift, AP 6/4 Pots and a Wortec Catback exhaust. I picked 'Dingo' , as I have called him, yesterday afternoon and got to drive a Monaro for the 1st time...and fell in love :'0)
    To try Dingo out properly I went to a wet and slippery Trackday @ Donington this afternoon, It sounds mental on full chat with the charger whining, and we had a big grins sliding it about for the 3 laps we got, with the pit wall full to listen to her go by...............unfourtunately it has no electric quietener thingy and tripped the drive by meter @ 102db (on a 98db day) No more tracktime in the new toy :'0(
    Finished the afternoon on track in my EVO IX XT400 Trackday car so at least all was not lost.....
    Really can't wait to get 'Monty' the racecar on track now, It will be awesome with 150BHP+ more, 6 speed sequential box, 4 way Ohlins, wing, slicks and 300KG lighter than Dingo

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    I know what you mean. My Cloe's down in Essex having some power upgrades, i've never missed a car soooo much. She's been gone just over a week & won't be back until around the 20th.