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Car Jack - which one?

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  • Car Jack - which one?

    Just looking for a car jack - will any fit on the vectra?

    Looking at this one:-

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    Sept 2008 AutoExpress Trolly Jack Review

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    I bought the Sealey 3 ton Yankee trolly jack in 2007.

    Part of this deal here...


    No sooner as I bought it I was talking to 888 Race Engineering and they recommended the Clarke brand (which I have never used)


    My experience...

    - Get a trolly jack with wide front wheels, narrow wheels dig into the driveway leaving dents
    - Get a rubber protective disc (usually optional extra) for the base plate, it protects the underside of the car
    - DONT forget to buy axle stands and do not rely on the trolly jack on its own

    The only problem in 3 years is the release mechanism (valve). It tends to drop the car without much control. Sometimes its ok, then other times it just 'dumps' the car back on the ground.

    Apparently this is the reason 888 Race Engineering dont use Sealey Trolly Jacks. Apparently the Clarke range are better controlled.

    Most trolly jacks will fit your Vectra jacking point, the only problem is when you lower the suspension on your car,. my jack doesnt clear the side skirts, so I have to drive the rear wheels up onto blocks first, to give the jack clearance to get it under the jacking point.

    Hope that helps
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      I got the same one as your looking at on ebay from lidl/aldi a while back.

      whilst it does the job can't say i'd recommend it, its really small and not very stable when in use and the tiny plastic wheels are really notchy.


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        i searched ebay and got me a proffesional trolley jack 3 ton for £45.00 as new. have a look on there before lashing out fella. Small ones are ok but i find them a little unstable whilst jacking

        try these, just an idea for you
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