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  • dump valve

    just wondering if anyone has fitted a dump valve to their vectra and if so wot kind and wot sort of price are they

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    Hahahahaha mate take advice run and hide before the hardcore forum members wake up tomorrow and read this! Haha I asked the same thing and got a verbal besting! Haha

    Seriously i spent ages looking into it and basically answer is no there isn't anything made for
    Vec. Technically it is possible to fit one however you would mess up metered air flow as standard BOV is recirc and dumps back into system. One main plus point re vecs in my opinion is that the twin scroll turbo has very little lag, power is there almost immediately.

    So anyway to answer your op, yes it's possible however apart from nice pssssssssss noise (admittedly I do like) fitting an aftermarket BOV is actually detrimental to the cars performance.

    Let's see if the old can 'o' worms is opened again tomorrow lol it's was keyboards at 50 paces last time! Haha



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      Sorry mate, as said in the insignia post earlier, the vec engine self dumps, if you want to dump twice then by all means wear a Burberry cap ,

      It is possible but why bother, buy an astra if you want this noise, sorry I'm one of the hardcore


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        Burberry cap! Lol Love it


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          Don't go burberry beret m8, The Vec doesn't need a DV, it has a re-circ system which works far better than any dv.

          Hardcore original me.


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            I've got used to hearing dump valves fading in the distance behind me...

            Then its just me, peace and quiet and a de-restricted VXR at cruising speed...