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new vxr driver problems

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  • new vxr driver problems

    Well I finally got the Vectra VXR - black - on May 26th. It was a week late because there was a Vauxhall factory recall mod to be done on the fuel management system. The garage tried but couldn't get the ECU to update - the garage will come out in a month and fix it. Meanwhile, they said if the management light comes on don't worry about it! Seems OK so far. But the EPS/suspension/management lights come on occasionally - they go out when the ignition is switched off and on again (when stationary!)
    But: I find the engine revs take ages to drop off, like having a massive flywheel. Which makes changing up a bit lumpy. And the clutch "bite" point is very indistinct - leads to having to slip the clutch a lot to get a smooth start. Not nearly as positive as my Astra Turbo was. Have to be careful starting off as it seems to stall easily - surprising considering all that power there. Maybe all this relates to that fuel management system problem - any ideas out there?
    The exhaust is boomy - especially at low revs and when accelerating - sounds sporty but I have gone beyond being a boy racer and would rather be a wolf in sheep's clothing - the boom blows this idea as everybody knows I am coming!
    Otherwise, it's fine and the satnav and mobile phone linkage with bluetooth works great. Wish I had known that I didn't have to spend £91 on a phone cradle - Bluetooth does the connection automatically. All you need the cradle for is to charge the phone - I have already got a lead to do that!

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    Yea seems like mines the same,revs are slow to drop off,and im always over revving pulling away,got used to it now,is this the norm ?


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      The car is quite boomy, but personally I love the sound. I heard a Mazda MP6 start up the other day and I thought oooh it sounds like my hairdryer.
      The revs arevery slow to drop when it is first started in the morning but I haven't noticed them being slow during driving.


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        Yea boomy,but nice,(my other car has a V8, thats what sounds nice ),been told a couple of times now "sounds like it revs like a Porsche" my reply was "no it doesn't !!!!! its better! "


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          If you are concerned about the revs dropping may be a problem, check the BC setting for the instant consumption. Just veify that "active idle control" is working when releasing the throttle. The reading will go to 999.99 which shows the fuel has been cut. However, this will only occur once the engine is fully warm. During the warm up process you will get various reading as the revs drop where the fuel is not being closed off. SLow return to idle when warming may occur.