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Subs amps and all things nice

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  • Subs amps and all things nice

    Could i put an amp and a sub on the standard headunit? Don't want to change facia as I like the standard one.

    Also if this is possible would one amp and 1 12in sub suffice? Don't really want to change components or amp up standard mids n tweets if I can help it.

    Cheers lads

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    I think you need to get a new stereo in your car to go with the sub mate, you need the right stuff for it.


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      As Marty says you're better off buying the right stuff as the standard headunit won't be able to work the sub/amp to the quality that their made for.


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        Something to Try

        I've been looking into one of these
        I Changed my Head unit to a New double Din Kenwood with RCA output on my old GSI, but Even with the fitting kit, it still never looked Right.
        I too like my CD70 with NAV but the sound is Poor.


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          Cheers for that mate I might just look in this seems like the best option for me. I'd rather not remove STD headunit if possible. So basically this runs from headunit speaker output to amp, which then runs to sub? Only thing extra would be live and earth to amp?


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            Originally posted by BLACK KNIGHT View Post
            As Marty says you're better off buying the right stuff as the standard headunit won't be able to work the sub/amp to the quality that their made for.
            I think people need to come to the realisation that the CD70 is not actually a bad sounding headunit. What makes it bad are the quality of the rest of the system and to that you need look no further the the factory speakers which lets be frank cost less then a pound in real world terms.

            So can the CD70 or for that matter the CD40, CD30 or even the DVD90 sound excellent and to that I say of course they can with the right partners and equipment. After all the equipment is there to be used so why not use it. There has been many a competition winning SQ system using manufacutrers OEM headunits. It is all about the quality of the gear you use as to how good a sound you can get. Yes using a cheap LOC can give less then ideal results but as I said quality.

            So using a line output converter/summation/auto crossover and line driver of the likes of the JL audio cleansweep, Audison bit one, any of the Audiocontrol locs, Alpine Vehicle hubs or a Rockford 360, and away you go. Yes top of the line and costly but they do allow you to get a very high end sound.

            Having said that very respectable results can be got with a standard Line output convertor (LOC) and that Alpine linked on another post above is widely regarded as one of the cleanest of its type and why it has been on alpine product catalogue for over 10 years and counting.

            Also bear in mind that you do not need to spend a fortune on amps and subs as there are many excellent sound and quality equipment available from cheap all the way up to the ridiculous, what you need to do is find components that match and work well together (basically compliment each others characteristics) and try and stick to the name brands, most often mentioned. Some are listed above, but the list is extensive.
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              Thanks basil that is appreciated. So changing actual door speakers would be a first step. Test that and go from there. Do you happen to know which speakers fit the lower and upper part of the door?