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Ride Hieght of standard springs

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  • Ride Hieght of standard springs

    Hi I need some advsie..

    I have had all four springs changed. (Two were cracked).I chose the lowest quote range from £490 at VX to £300, He also changed the D/S oil seal. I am not convinced that the correct springs were put on. It seems to be sitting a lot higher than before, and the handeling is a lot worse. I was more confident with it before the new springs.

    I know that it may sit higher than before, as the new springs are not cracked but now it look like a 4x4. And feels unsafe going hard.

    Can some body with standard springs measure the distance between the centre of their front and rear wheels straight up to the body work.

    The distances i have are,

    35.8cm and 35.7cm for the rears
    37.5cm and 38.0cm for the fronts. Half a centremeter difference here?/?
    (could be the holsten pils at this time of night)
    Would these be in the normal range?

    The icing on the cake would be the part number or drawing of the correct spring. Can anyone supply this.

    I plan to get the balancing and tracking done, but want to be sure the correct springs have been fitted first before I shell out for tracking.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Might be easier if you take a pic of it and post it up?



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      Could it have been that when you brought the car, it had fitted modified/uprated lowered springs ( thats would explain the firmer ride prviously ) or did you buy the car brand new ???


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        Good thinking...

        You are right R15VXR, I may have replaced lowered with standard VRX springs. The car is was built by VX Special Operations for our friends in blue.

        It may have been policy to give them uprated suspension? I could call them to check what is normaly done to these cars.

        However I was hoping the measurements would give a tell tail sign that something was not in order.

        I can post up some pics in the morning. (By the way the tank is about 1/4 full)

        Anyone who send measurements please also let me know how much is in the tank. I can fill up to the same level and compere more acutraly.


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          Ok, my VXR has DAP Racing Springs, but this should give an idea

          35 cm - Fronts (from centre wheel to wheel arch)

          33.5 cm - Rears (from centre wheel to wheel arch)

          FULL Tank of Fuel


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            eibachs are only around £150 and drive much better and than standard springs and sit like this


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              Please find some pictures in the file attached.

              The tank is now full and the measurements are:-

              Front 37.5cm and 37.0cm. What would cause the 0.5cm difference??

              Rears 35.5cm and 35.5cm.

              I can get four fingers between the wheel and body on the fronts and three fingers on the rear.

              If any one can measure the distance from the centre of wheel to body would be a big help.

              Thanks for any help.
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                i have a set of standard springs done 24k if ur interested?


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                  Thanks Ray for the offer. I may take you up on it, If the measure ments I gave dont stack up with somebody elses standard spring measurements.

                  I am concerned that there is a height difference between left and right front??

                  Out of curiosity how much ££ and which county are you in.



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                    Originally posted by lighterman34 View Post
                    What would cause the 0.5cm difference??
                    If the ground is not absolutely level front to back diagonally across the car (ie front nearside to rear offside) then this can cause the chassis to put more pressure on one wheel (which can result in a temporary difference in height).

                    Take the car to a carpark which is level. Then check the heights again.


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                      Out of interest, and correct this if I'm wrong,as the car is running on a 17 inch wheel, what tyre size has it fitted.


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                        OK so I took it to a flat place and the measurements are:-

                        Fronts 37.5cm both. Mis match corrected now.Thanks Spoons.
                        Rears 35.0cm both (Tank full)

                        The tyre size is 215/50/R17.

                        Is this the normal height of standard VXR Springs?

                        Any help is appreciated..


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                          Originally posted by lighterman34 View Post
                          Mis match corrected now.Thanks Spoons..
                          No problem


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                            Originally posted by VXRay View Post
                            i have a set of standard springs done 24k if ur interested?
                            Have you still got them?



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                              If he hasn't, then I have
                              Mine have done 50K though. Now running on DAPs.
                              + I'm coming up to Lancashire on April 1/2/3.
                              DAP Springs, EDS Precat decat, TD 1.2, Quaife diff, mapped, RSS Lightweight Clutch - Job done!