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Maximum Tow Weight

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  • Maximum Tow Weight

    Can anyone help me as I can't find the information I need in the handbook.
    I know that the 5dr VXR kerb weight is 1580kg. I am assuming that if I have had options fitted then the actual kerb weight will increase (very slightly)
    What I need to know is what weight will the Vectra VXR actually tow. A lot of manufacturers suggest that their cars could potentially tow more than their kerbweight and as a rule they are judged as good towcars.
    I think from the information on the car:
    It has a Gross Train Weight of 3655kgs. The car kerbweight (I believe this includes driver and tank of fuel) is 1580kgs. The Gross Vehicle Weight is 2055kgs.
    So If I am right I can add a load of 475kgs (Highly unlikely) and still tow 1600kgs (although illegal as it exceeeds the kerbweight)
    Does this sound correct?

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    I had a towbar fitted a couple of weeks ago,used the detachable swan neck type,(not cheap) so the rear valance does not need to be cut,those flutes on the rear valance are not just for show,they do a job at high speed,,,,had a main dealer fit it,due to the progamming of the ecu's,I tow a folding caravan,surprised my self and others the performance was still pleasing.


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      Tuggy, that is the one I am looking, can I ask how much. I want to tow a trailer that is 1,500 kgs fully laden. I also want to use it tow our mini digger which is a similar weight once on the trailer.


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        1500kgs will be fine for the VXR to tow.


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          Catherine,mail me at [email protected] as mine was done through a mate at main dealer,I will then tell you what I paid,cheers,Mark.