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Am I just unlucky

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  • Am I just unlucky

    The other half has come back from the garage and found a rear nearside tyre badly damaged along with the wheel.
    Neither of us recall doing it and we are wondering if it has happened when it went into the dealer on Tuesday.
    So far I have spent
    £160 on refurbishing 4 wheels
    £86 repainting the front bumper
    £45 on a new mirror glass
    and now £180 on a new tyre plus the wheel being refinished again.

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    If you did it you would know if it is that bad ...
    If the dealer did it ... well good luck are unlikely to get them to admit it.
    As a matter of course I will get the dealer to note 'no damage'.
    I have one damage wheel ... my wife said the kerb jump out at her ..
    So I will have that fixed Monday.
    With my Porsche .. I never damage the wheels as you adopt a practice that saves them.
    2007 Audi RS4 - sold 2008


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      If we had noticed on Tuesday/Wednesday then I might have had some luck with the dealer, but as it is now Saturday we haven't.
      I am just hacked off.


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        i know exactly wot u mean..........i'm sorry 2 say

        while on hols.....someone turning in the hotel carpark scrapped the front..
        that was the 1st £95
        then while parked in padstow...some one opened their door and dented mine....that was the next £65 (cash)
        NOW...i ate 2 admit it...but yes...i scrapped the wheel on a very high ..granite...kerb stone.....and thats the next £40

        u think we ort 2 have kept our old



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          Tyre ordered and will be fitted on Monday for £167.


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            Which dealer do you normally go to... I need a boost in my shares portfolio

            Sorry to hear your bad luck... Last 3 new cars I've bought I have always managed to damage them within 3 months of getting them...usually self-inflicted


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              Dealer is Hinton in Bath. Tyre is being supplied by a local tyre fitter not Vauxhall


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                Tell me about it, within 2 days of having the car, with heavy snowfall, I (foolishly) tried to venture out to work, camber in road directed me straight to nice high granite kerbs!! Completely minced the passenger side alloys. Still not repaired yet, does anyone know where i can buy 2 new alloys?

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