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  • Great Performance

    Have to say that the Vectra really has impressed me over the last few days in the searing heat we have had down here in the South West. I have frequently seen temperatures of 32 degrees and at the same time seen some of the best performance to date out of the Vectra.
    My memory of driving a Mercedes SL back to back with the Vectra on Saturday will stay with me for a long time. The Mercedes was heavier but had 20 bhp more, but the gap in performance was staggering.

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    The torque and pull from the Vectra can really catch you by suprise at times, found my self accelerating out of corners a few times now thinking "bugger me". For such a big car it handles the power well, could do with a suspension change for my liking tbh as I do like back roads and find the vectra can be a bit bouncy into corners.