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Another Moment of Madness

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  • Another Moment of Madness

    After much deliberation about a 4x4, sticking with the current Vectra or having a Monaro I have decided to do none of these things and have ordered this afternoon in a moment of weekness/madness......

    Vectra VXR Estate.

    I have asked for a 2007 Spec Car and I am hoping that Stuart or Dougie will tell me the difference in model year.

    It will have 18" and not 19" wheels as every mm of ride height will help me. It will probably be Silver and will definately have ECC and Parking Sensors.

    Other than that I haven't chosen any other options unless there is something exciting on the 2007 list that I don't know about, just like the Astra's Start Button.

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    Hope you have a bit more luck with this one...

    What you doing with the others?


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      Well the Vectra will be traded in (a shame as it is so nicely run in). I am guessing the new car will be with me around October so it isn't going just yet.

      The Astra wasn't in danger of going anywhere and will be looked at by Dave at VXRPC to see what he thinks to it and what if anything he can do to make it suit me a little more, assuming that the car doesn't have any problems.


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        Greenhous in Telford have an 06 plated estate in Silver in the show room, do you require any pictures?


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          No I abandonded plans to buy another Vectra. No one could tell me what the 2007 options were going to be or what items were going to be different (if anything between the current car and the 2007).

          That plus the change in depreciation in the last few weeks made me decide to jump out into another brand.


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            Okay no worries, I will go and drool over it next Saturday whilst my SRI Turbo is in for an oil change, although I must admit, I don't like silver cars.... :wink: