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SERVICE PERIOD??? Problems, Etc

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  • SERVICE PERIOD??? Problems, Etc

    Does anyone know the service intervals on the VXR?
    I've hit 12000 miles!!!! (aaah)
    And low and behold, the inspection light came on. After speaking to the dealer, sales manager and service, i'm told that the services are 20k and i should just ignore it!
    Any ideas?
    Its going in anyway, since for 3 mornings in a row, i come to the car to find it's opened all the windows, 3 inches! For a start i noticed the driver window and thought, stupid idiot, left the window open. Then looked round and they were all open the same amount!
    Plus the windscreen wipers went psycho at the weekend and became entangled, this should be a warranty repair, no?
    And now i have a huge crack on the windscreen, thanks to Aberdeenshire councils new re-tarring methods, its like driving through hailstones!
    Hopefully its all to do with "most damage in first few months" Lol
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    Speak to Mark (Sparky) about the windscreen. He I believe had a stress crack related to insufficient sealent being used during production and the screen was replaced under warranty (I think).

    I believe there are 2 possible ways of servicing the car. 1. Is to run to 20K miles or 2. To adopt a traditional servicing method.

    I am going to adopt the 20K interval schedule.


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      Windscreen,that 's interesting,I had a screen replaced last week,cracked in the centre of screen inline with interior mirror,went to local dealer,just to check if they knew of a problem,inspected screen and there was a small possible chip that caused screen to go.Would be interested to know if this was due to stress/sealant as it cost me £60 on insurance excess.


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        yes mine was replaced under warranty and yes this was due to a reduced volume od sealent, which I suspect was a one off. The claim was deterimed by the fact that there was no stone chip or ding on the crack and it disappeared under the side trim. If there had been a slight chip I suspect it would have not been replaced. I think mine was probabaly a one off.


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          Yea I think your right,I did have signs of some thing hitting the screen.


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            I've got a 2005 GSi, and for a few months i thought the windows were opening themselves too. All of the windows were down by a few inches occasionally.

            It took me a while to work out that i had been holding the 'open' button on the remote when i was going to the car, and it had been opening all the windows a tiny amount! If you hold the open or the close, it opens or closes all the window respectively.

            Just tap it instead, and your problem has gone away.