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  • Air Con

    I returned to the car after leaving it parked in a Supermarket for an hour.

    Was quite suprised to find a large pool of water had formed just under the drivers door sill. I reversed the car out of the parking space to find another pool under where the engine was all the way down to the drivers door sill.

    I knew air con systems drip water but this was an awful lot of water. A lot of people have commented on the trail of water I usually leave at low speed but today was on a different level.

    Do you think this is correct, or is the air con about to pack up on me? The car is departing next month so I would rather it didn't expire just before it goes.

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    I doubt it is a problem ... they don't expire like that ... plus the car is too new.

    Worth checking the header tank ... at the back yellow cap black bottle ...mine needed a top up.
    2007 Audi RS4 - sold 2008


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      In fairness the Zafira produced a rather large pool of water earlier to today but all is fine.


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        I even took my Elite 2.8T back to the dealer as I was concerned about the amount of water appearing on my drive, it appears to be normal on Vectra C's.