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  • Info on VXR

    Hey guys,

    I am after some information about buying a vxr second hand in the next few months, is their anything to look out for or are they still too knew to have any common faults??

    I am in the process of organising a demo through my local dealer so i can have a right blast and hopefully completely sell me on the car, then i will need to persuade the boss that we NEED a vxr

    Basically any information would be excellent

    Vectra 2.0 Turbo

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    Hi Steven.

    As with most new cars there have only been a few niggles so far. Squeaky seats being one. Nothing serious and all fixable under warrenty.

    Good luck with resisting the VXR after the test drive. Quite a few people have ordered the car after coming back after the test drive!


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      The cars drive and perform very well.

      Things you should beaware off that are normal. The suspension can sound a little rumbly (this is CDC) and the engine has an electric whine when being rev'ed. A few buzzes and clicks as the car starts up are normal. If starting from cold the engine will rev to 1500rpm for approx 20 secs then drop gently to normal idle over a minute or so.

      If the car is fairley new, VXL where a little generous with the wax oil and can smell a tad but nothng to worry about.

      As the car has CDC the car can feel a little floaty on the road but this is something you get use too. The handling is excellent. The car will feel better if you get one on 18's unless you want the looks of the 19's. There is no real acceleration difference on the 18's unlike the Astra which I am aware off .

      Its not unusual for a slight colour mismatch on the bumpers as these are paint by hand in the factory . Make sure the suspension blocks have been removed as some dealers accidentley leave them in. If the car is very young , less than 500 miles the suspension may look high from the blocks having been in. This will settle.

      If the handbrake "cracks" when being applied this is normal and should only happen once or twice. It is self adjusting, so is setting itself.

      The left hand exhaust may hang a little higher than the right (looking from the back) but this is normal for the set-up.

      Try and get the bluetooth kit and CD70 if possible.

      Check out my first 1000 mile report for more info and a better read check

      Any more info please PM me.


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        excellent guys thanks very much for the info, really apreciate it
        Vectra 2.0 Turbo


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          Nice report, whats the difference between the CD40 (opera) and the CD70.

          Also is it worth splashing out on the Sat Nav?



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            The CD70 is the nav system. I like the in-built unit but the Tom Tom is also a good unit in my option and is transportable. With the VXk unit it all fits together in one place and no windscreen units. I do like the VXL sat nav. It does get a little confused re fastest route some times and is very very insistant on taking you the way it wants to go, well until you alter the route choice , then it changes its mind.


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              I am probably going to be different to Mark here. I have the CDC 40 in the Vectra and think it is very good because of the DAB option.

              On the other hand I have the Sat Nav in the Astra (I assume it is the same as the Vectra optional unit) and I am afraid to say I don't get on with it if I am being honest.

              The main reason being that in my business I need to be able to use a 6 figure postcode and the dealer assurred me it was capable of taking a 6 figure postcode. Unfortunately it isn't. Secondly if your buying a demo car make sure they supply you with the manual for the satnav. I am still waiting for mine and if it wasnt for Shane (Aussie) I would have probably been in a real pickle by now.


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                Damn it. Sorry I've done it again. Replied in the Vectra section with Astra related info!


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                  Originally posted by IanVXR
                  Damn it. Sorry I've done it again. Replied in the Vectra section with Astra related info!
                  Oh yes soooo easy to do, done it a few times myself


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                    Has a very large boot
                    goes round corners very well
                    I like the Arden blue
                    runs better on BP 102
                    Loads of room to produce more power
                    cheap as chips to buy, £ per BHP
                    love the wheels, but avoid kerbs, always think twice(nearly got caught at Donnington)
                    Get rid of the Orange ind bulbs
                    Nice exhaust sound
                    very few about (less common than an Aston DB9)
                    DAB Radio, very good
                    Climate excellent option, as per parking Sensors
                    AFL, well they can keep it
                    Xenons as Std
                    get a private plate to finish it off i am after '1 VXR'

                    I could go on ...
                    2007 Audi RS4 - sold 2008