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  • Decision Time

    Okay I'm seriously thinking of buying one of these beasts and I'm looking at the options list.

    Is Sat Nav worth it? I must admit its a cheaper option with VXL than it was on my VW Golf R32, that was £2100!!!! Also does it still have the graphic equaliser?
    Whats the DAB radio like on the CD40?

    AFL any good?

    Climate ?

    My haves are:
    19" Alloys
    Parking Sensors

    I did want Chromatic Interior mirror and rain sensitive wipers (standard on my lowly SRI), but I've been told a definate NO!!!

    Answers please......and many thanks in advance.

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    The AFL works very well so up to you whether you pay the price. Don't forget it rasises after 65mph or so, great idea.

    CD70 has no GE. CLimate good value for your dosh but the Vectra comes with Auto AC anyway so you are getting side to side with the Climate, stops the arguments tee hee. You can retro fit a colour screen if you stick with the CD40. You could get a portable satnav and spend the money on another option.

    I would defo order the Bluetooth car kit.

    I would go for 18's but you may liek the look of the 19's more. PS great idea. Leather not for me. Like the idea of the electric etc but prefer the cloth desing. Anyway you can the child recaro's in the same trim as the cloth.

    There has been talk about the chromatic mirros. It may be possible to add a special option code, but VXL will tell you for sure. I assume you will be waiting for the 2007 model. I think you will find the order books closed for now so any factory order will be built after they open up again. Sure the Mothership will advise on that.

    Only my opinion bhut hope it helps


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      Many thanks.

      Whats the option price of AFL?

      What do the 18's look like as the 2 cars I've seen both had 19's fitted.

      I've been told by 2 dealers today, October delivery. Which suits me fine.

      However now you've mentioned the 2007 MY, I might hangon, but then the trade in price of my current Vectra SRI (Edition 100) drops.

      Not bothered about the BT kit as I don't use my Moby in the car anyway.

      Anyone else care to comment......


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        Six spoke tuning fork, same design as the 19's on the Vectra C but 6 instead of 5 spoke and 18 inch of course. The car will feel a bit better on handling, although I think the ride is fairley the same.

        Ok you may not use the old mobiliy but wait until you have the kit, hmmmm I will also order a new car with it ,if its an option and works the same.


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          Many thanks...that was quick.

          Do you have a picture?

          Sorry to be awkward....Thanks


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            hang on let me look


            Sorry Shane had to nick this photo, hope that OK, if not I will delete.


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              If you have a look at Vauxhalls website you will see the VXR with the 18" wheels.

              I would have thought you would be able to get a 2006 spec car from a UK dealer. When I looked at VXR estates there were a few around the network.


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                I went for...

                19" (£500)
                Leather (£1500)
                Parking sensors (must have - I reckon they saved me a few times) (£425)
                Climate Control (Great especially recently!) (£???)

                Estate only things....

                Alloy Roof Rails (£100)
                Powered Boot (Just had to) (£500)
                Divider Packs (£100)

                At 1200 quid Sat Nav is pricey but has the colour screen.

                I used Tom Tom on a PDA (for years now) and it looks fine (using a Brodit vent mount on the right). Saved the money on the sta nav and bought those other extras

                You might want to consider the Bluetooth, but at £300 I skipped it and went the Parrot route instead (£70) fine with the CDC40 DAB using the correct autolead (£40 ish I think)

                CDC40 DAB is a good radio...future proof so to speak with DAB coming more and more popular these there's tonnes of stations!

                As for the 2007MY, the price may go up but it might have a few other things as standard. :wink:


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                  Just edit'ed above post for pic from Shane car


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                    Brilliant, many thanks for the picture and the replies.

                    Must admit, prefer the 19's.

                    Okay, this blue tooth malarky, scuse my ignorance, but what will it allow me to do?

                    RE 2006 models, VXL have none left in the spec I want, so it has to be a factory order. As I want a red one....


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                      The kit includes a hard wired kit replacing the cup holders next to the handbrake. You can buy additional mobile cradles which clipinto the kit. This allows the mobile to work hands free and power it as well.

                      If you don't do this, then as long as the your phone supports BT you can use it through the kit as well.

                      The system allows you to make a call without taking your hands off the steering and all info is displayed on the screen. You can voice activate by pressing a button and saying "call" then it asks you questions and you verbally reply, it even ask you to say the number or you can pre-store a name , like home or police etc. The quality is very good.

                      I like it but may not suit all. Get some one to show you before you order.

                      Place your order as soon as you decide, you can add to up to EC 30 (I think), but be aware that may move the delivery date. I think it a option that in a few years time people will be looking for just as they did with sunroof and now Nav systems. Progress.


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                        Wayne , if you can go for the Sat NAv as the residual value on the car is up £500 vs non sat nav.

                        And don't worry about the factory order. It'll be worth getting the 07MY spec ))



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                          It'll be worth getting the 07MY spec


                          When are the full details being released?


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                            Stu, thanks for that, as per "in a state".

                            When will the details/spec be released?

                            As I'd best hang on then....

                            Hope they don't change the styling too much as I like the current shape very much, the exhausts could do with being changed though!


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                              Originally posted by Moschops

                              Hope they don't change the styling too much as I like the current shape very much, the exhausts could do with being changed though!
                              Hey, get at the back of the Q tee hee I think allot of folks would like a change.