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  • AFL Option

    Has anyone spec'd this on there car?

    Is it worth ordering ?

    Comments please, both good and negative points.

    Thanks once again.

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    can only comment on the pre-facelift vectra...

    Mum has afl on her elite
    i love um
    fantasic lights not to mention how the light bends round corners
    even the way they light up the corner when you indicte
    the only downside to them is because they are sooo bright you get other roadusers flashing you! they get a hell of a shock when you flash full beam back at um!

    really wish i had spec,d them on my Astra H
    well worth the money imo


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      Many thanks for the reply, was beginning to think no had them or knew anything about them, so its worth the money.


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        Sorry this must have slipped through. The car already has Xenon's and having driven a Meriva and a Zafira I think the AFL is great , you don't realise they are working until you really study the movement of the light and see how much the road does light up. I think personally the down side is the cost. I like the way they raise over 65 mph , think this is a good feature. But, I don't actually find the standard lights bad at all.

        Much against popular belief you can't drive quicker down country lanes at night than during the day and one thing I did find was when the lights are turned mid corner it does tend to affect the very initial lighting up of a car coming in the opposite direction where the lights will join. But of course it does light the turn very well. A small point of course.


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          I find the standard xenon's very good...I can't wait until the dark night to turn them on all the time!!


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            Thanks for the replies fellows.

            Our previous vectra had xenons as standard, but the current one doesn't and both myself and the wife have said how much we miss the brightness of the xenons, my wifes Polo (GTI) has these fitted as standard and I think they are brilliant.


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              MadamVectra pretty much says it right with the "sooo bright" comment.
              Friend of mine has an Astra sport hatch sri with AFL and got pulled by the fuzz as they wanted to know why he was following em with main beam on!!! Of course when he showed em main beam they was slightly

              Also to note how much improved AFL is.....
              I drive an Astra mk4 GSI with the xenon’s which I think are great on normal town roads or twisty county lanes but a bit naff on high speeder A-roads where I find my self using main beam (where I can).

              Had a veccy VXR with AFL from work for 10 days recently and that was sooooo much better then the xenon's on my Astra. Well worth it I say especially if u turn em on facing a wall or something then u can see em set them self's for height and width

              "i think i have fallen in love....with a VAUXHALL!!!" - J.Clarkson (about time)


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                Thanks Big O, added to the spec list.