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All the windows had opened ..

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  • All the windows had opened ..

    My wife has told me today that when she returned to the car ALL the windows were fully down and open

    I asked the obvious if they were up when she locked the car and the answer was yes.

    I also asked if the car was unlocked when she returned and she said no, just all the windows were down.

    Any ideas ?
    2007 Audi RS4 - sold 2008

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    Did she hold onto the unlock button all day.

    Was the alarm going off? I know when I left a drivers window open before the car went the alarm went bezerk.


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      I had this happen to me once but not sure what caused it However, me thinks that if the unlock button is held down after its accidently unlocked then it will re-lock and the windows will stay down. perhaps this is what happened? all meant in the nicest possible way.


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        Apparently, it was locked and all the windows up ..

        .. no extra pressing of button etc etc.

        I her return they were all down

        Weird or what
        2007 Audi RS4 - sold 2008


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          It happened on our astra sport hatch, only think we put it down to was there was lightening about and it must have set it off


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            Sounds like the car has been unlocked and the button held down by accident (in a pocket or purse) then the windows go down and the car locks itself after 30 seconds or so with the windows down.


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              I have done that, leant over a customers desk with my keys in my pocket, and the windows opened, it will un lock the doors but as you know they will lock again if the door is not opened.
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